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DTU Student wins a Logo20 Online prize

The Virtual Logo20 Art Design exhibition was held for the first time by the Asia University of Arts and Design in Hanoi from October 10 to 20. Participants included 41 artists, architects and students from Vietnam and two from the US. They were divided into three groups:  
- Author group of 30 artists
- Guest group of 6 
- Student and alumni group of 7
Many of the logos were designed by renowned companies from tourism, luxury merchandizing, VNPT, Petrolimex, SJC Gold Company, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh city and the Hanoi Medical University Hospital. 
Sinh viên Ð?i h?c Duy Tân giành gi?i thu?ng t?i tri?n lãm Logo20 Online
DTU Multimedia student Van Quy wants to work in television advertising
162 logos were displayed at the exhibition, including two from DTU, the Anna Underwear Boutique logo, designed by Nguyen Thuy Tram, and the Ice Kream logo, by Huynh Van Quy, which won the People’s Choice Award, with 167 emoticons, 78 comments and 224 shares.
Sinh viên Ð?i h?c Duy Tân giành gi?i thu?ng t?i tri?n lãm Logo20 Online
The Ice Kream logo won the People’s Choice Award
Van Quy said: "I was impressed by the festive Christmas Eve scene and the chilly weather in the late winter of 2019, so I chose Ice Kream as the name for my logo, which was also one of my class Illustrator exercises. Because I was interested in this topic, I spent much time perfecting the logo and decided to choose it as my logo design project, mentored by lecturer Hoang Quoc Viet.”  
He continued: “With the theme “A Logo for a Korean Ice Cream Company”, I used the Cocogoose font to portray youth and comfort. The letter ‘K’, for Korea is capitalized, expressing respect for the Koreans who have introduced several, new, high-quality ice cream products to Vietnam.”
Van Quy also explained how he chose the colors. The orange represents food service, bringing fun and dynamism. Mint green and blue represent ice cream and milk, which are the company's two key products. The blue represents the trust and assurance of natural ingredients and their clear origin, and mint green is the color of nature, representing freshness and peace. The Ice Kream brand logo will combine the youth and the spirit of today.
Van Quy was taught by MSc. Hoang Quoc Viet, a lecturer from the faculty of Architecture and Arts, who said: "Van Quy is a Social Science and Humanities student, majoring in Multimedia. He had never attended arts or design classes before. Nevertheless, his creativity was highlighted when he joined the Graphic Design class, and I was delighted when he won the People’s Choice Award.”
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