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Sixty-nine DTU Researchers Receive Danang Certificates of Merit

The Danang People’s Committee organized the awards ceremony to commend researchers on their hard work and encourage them to continue striving for even greater recognition. Of the 121 authors and groups of authors receiving awards from the Chairman of the Danang People’s Committee, 69 DTU researchers received Certificates of Merit for their excellent contributions. 
City People’s Committee Vice Chairman Le Trung Chinh praised and remarked on the excellent achievements of DTU and the University of Danang researchers: “The city of Danang is conscious of the importance of science and technology in our socioeconomic development and will do everything to help you to develop it. In practice, our researchers have already developed some highly intelligent products.”
Thành ph? Ðà N?ng Trao thu?ng cho các Nhà khoa h?c Ð?i h?c Duy Tân nam 2019
Dr. David Vercauteren (above) and Dr. Adam Johnson receive Certificates of Merit
In 2019, the Danang Department for Science and Technology received 543 submissions for award consideration in many different fields, a 2.5-fold increase on 2018. After evaluation, the Danang People’s Committee held two awards ceremonies for the authors and groups of authors with the best inventions or papers, with total prize money of 330 million VND.
The first awards ceremony took place on January 15, 2020. DTU lecturer Dr. Le Van Thuan received a Certificate of Merit from the City People’s Committee Chairman for his patent “Method for obtaining the composite sorbent with magnetic properties”, awarded by the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (RUPTO), a counterpart of the American USPTO. The process produces high-performance sorbent with magnetic properties for waste-water treatment, using powdered coffee dregs as a base. It conserves the environment and has two advantages: 
- It uses coffee dregs, a waste product discarded by the food and beverage industry 
- It extracts sorbent using low-cost industrial waste-water treatment
The second ceremony took place on May 21, 2020 and recognized DTU researchers who had published papers in well-known international high impact factors (IF) journals: 
- “Large-scale conductive yarns based on twistable Korean traditional paper (hanji) for supercapacitor applications: Toward high-performance paper supercapacitors”, by Dr. Le Hoang Sinh, published in Advanced Energy Materials (IF =24.884);
- “Tungsten trioxide doped with CdSe quantum dots for smart windows” and “Lead-free all-inorganic cesium tin iodide perovskite for filamentary and interface-type resistive switching toward environment-friendly” and “Temperature-tolerant nonvolatile memories”, by Dr. Le Van Quyet, published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (IF = 8.456);
- “Simultaneous and efficient removal of Cr(VI) and methyl orange on LDHs decorated porous carbons”, by Dr. Tran Nguyen Hai, published in the Chemical Engineering Journal (IF = 8.355);
- “Comparative study about the performance of three types of modified natural treatment systems for rice noodle wastewater”, by Dr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, published in Bioresource Technology (IF = 6.669).
69 nhà khoa h?c ÐH Duy Tân nh?n khen thu?ng c?a thành ph? Ðà N?ng
69 nhà khoa h?c ÐH Duy Tân nh?n khen thu?ng c?a thành ph? Ðà N?ng
The Molecular Biology Lab is equipped with a large centrifuge, a PCR machine, an AB 3500 genetic analyzer, a MaxQ 8000 shaker, and DNA and protein electrophoresis systems, for research into infectious diseases, genetics, biodiversity conservation, fermentation technology, cancer, pharmacology and so on.
Another distinction is that many foreign scientists working at DTU received Certificates of Merit from the Danang People’s Committee at this year’s ceremony. 
- Dr. Adam F. Johnson, from the US, received an award for his paper “Causes and effects of haploinsufficiency”, published in Biological Reviews (IF = 10.288). Dr. Johnson is a researcher in molecular biology and has been working at DTU since 2017. He has published many papers in leading journals that are ranked by the Nature Index, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) (IF = 9.580).
- Dr. David M.A. Vercauteren, from Belgium, received an award for his paper “Gauge copies in the Landau–DeWitt gauge: A background invariant restriction.” Dr Vercauteren, a DTU physics researcher, has been working at DTU since 2014, and has also published in leading journals, such as the European Physical Journal C and others in nuclear and high-energy physics journals, such as the Physical Review C (IF = 3.132), Physical Review D (IF = 4.368) and Physics Letters B (IF = 4.162).
Thành ph? Ðà N?ng Trao thu?ng cho các Nhà khoa h?c Ð?i h?c Duy Tân nam 2019
Thành ph? Ðà N?ng Trao thu?ng cho các Nhà khoa h?c Ð?i h?c Duy Tân nam 2019

DTU researchers receive Certificates of Merit from the city

- Dr. Bijeesh K. Veettil, from India, received an award for his papers “Changes in mangrove vegetation, aquaculture and paddy cultivation in the Mekong Delta: A study from Ben Tre Province, southern Vietnam” and “Mangrove forests of Cambodia: Recent changes and future threats.” Dr Veettil is a researcher in Earth Sciences, has been working at DTU since 2019, and has published papers in remote sensing and earth sciences journals, such as Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science (Q1, IF = 2.611) and Ocean and Coastal Management (Q1, IF = 2.595).
- Dr. Kazuhito Mizuyama, from Japan, received an award for his paper “Jost function formalism based on the Hartree–Fock–Bogoliubov formalism.” Dr. Mizuyama is a physics researcher, has been working at DTU since 2018, and published in leading atomic physics journals like Physical Review C (Q1, IF = 3.132).
Research activities at DTU are increasing rapidly in both quantity and quality, with many papers published in journals with high IFs and have been recognized for their high rankings in Vietnam and worldwide:
- Among Asia's 500 top universities by QS in 2020
- Second of ten leading universities of Vietnam in international publications, ranked in 2019 by the Nature Index, following the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
- Seventh in research capacity, ranked by SCImago in 2020 
- 1,854th in the top 2,000 universities worldwide and third of four in Vietnam by CWUR  
- 1,147th in the top 2,500 universities worldwide and third of eight in Vietnam by URAP  
- Second Vietnamese university to obtain American ABET accreditation, after the Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology
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