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DTU Wins Several Eureka Research Prizes

DTU students won two consolation prizes and two supplementary prizes in the Eureka Student Research contest, which took place on November 24. 
The objective of the contest is to encourage research and creative thinking, and applying it to solve practical everyday problems. The contest is jointly organized by the Ho Chi Minh city Youth Union and Vietnam National University. Two thousand contestants from one hundred universities, colleges, and institutions nationwide took part and submitted 858 projects in the twelve fields of Chemical Engineering-Pharmacy, Biotechnology-Medicine, Agriculture-Forestry-Fishery, Food Technology, Education, Economics, Engineering-Technology, Social Sciences-Humanities, Environmental Sciences-Resources, Planning-Architecture, Information Technology and Administration-Law. 156 projects reached the finals and received high recognition for their creativity and high-quality research.
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành nhi?u Gi?i thu?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c Euréka 2019
Huynh Thi My Dung (third from left) wins a consolation prize
Consolation prize for “Smart Electricity Measurement and Data Collection System”
Doan Quang Hung, from Electrical Engineering, competing in the Engineering-Technology section, impressed the judges and won a consolation prize for his project, “A Smart Electricity Measurement and Data Collection System”, built from modules with different functionalities, including one that collects electricity parameters, a display that clearly displays them using LCD, LED, graphs and tables and a communication module which connects to a smart system. The power consumption of an entire house, factory or workshop can be collected and monitored instantly to plan more efficient and economical usage.
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành nhi?u Gi?i thu?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c Euréka 2019
Doan Quang Hung (first from left) with the other DTU students
“I was very happy with my modest achievement,” said Doan Quang Hung. “The contest provides us the opportunity to broaden our experience and I’d like to thank the DTU leadership for providing us the chance to compete in this and many more major events in Vietnam and abroad in the future.” 
A Consolation prize and two supplementary prizes for a Japanese literature project
Huynh Thi My Dung, from Social Sciences and Humanities, has a love for the Japanese culture and literature and the works of Haruki Murakami. She developed a project entitled “The Art of Psychoanalysis of Haruki Murakami’s Characters in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”. My Dung researched the details of the author’s language and tone and developed statistics to classify the symbols he uses to express the culture and psychology of Murakami’s characters. As a result, she discovered that four of his characters, Toru Okada, Kumiko, the six-year-old Cinnamon, and the young soldier, all hear the call of the Wind-Up bird. 
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành nhi?u Gi?i thu?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c Euréka 2019
My Dung (right) and her mentor Ms. Le Thi Hai
Dung’s project was well received by the scientific council, who awarded her a consolation prize and two supplemental prizes for “The leading project in Social Sciences-Humanities” and “My favorite scientific story video”. My Dung was the only contestant from Central Vietnam to enter the finals of the contest.
“Research is a vital contributor to the planning to innovative new educational curricula and teaching methodologies. It ignites a passion for creativity, broadens professional qualifications and develops student skills,” explains Ms. Le Thi Hai, My Dung’s mentor and lecturer from DTU Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. “Student research achievements at DTU have been steadily improving, with projects higher feasibility and practical applicability. With their passion for learning and research, My Dung and Quang Hung have taken home several prizes from Eureka 2019, which helps establish the DTU brand at large academic contests.”
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