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DTU Computer Graphics Artist is the April winner of Fox’s Got Talent

Nguyen Le Hoang, a VFX Supervisor & CG Artist from Duy Tan University, created a beautiful piece of artwork entitled White Cliffs, that resembled an oil-painting of a small house built on a cliff. He used Houdini, Redshift and Nuke software and plugins and became the April Fox’s Got Talent Winner.
The artwork “White Cliffs, created by CG artist Nguyen Le Hoang
Fox’s Got Talent (FGT) enables Fox Renderfarm users to exhibit their CG artwork skills. Renderfarm is the largest around-the-clock commercial rendering company, offering world-class professional CPU & GPU solutions and tailor-made rendering services, compliant to MPAA (TPN) Security Standards. 
The winning entry will be exhibited in the "Fox's Got Talent” gallery and shared on the Fox Renderfarm social media platform.  Nguyen Le Hoang’s inspiration for “White Cliffs” came from "UP", a Walt Disney animation movie produced of 2009, which impressed him by its humanitarianism, peaceful nature and beautiful surroundings. 
Nguyen Le Hoang is a VFX supervisor at the DTU Silver Swallows Studio
In an exclusive interview, Nguyen Hoang talked about how he created his picture that looks like a beautiful oil-painting. He explained: “The lighting is my favorite aspect of this work because it creates the overall mood.  As for 3D, the most difficult part is the creation of realistic cliff scenery, so I found a way to displace the cliff by the slope mask in Houdini.”
“My job at the DTU Silver Swallows Studio requires non-stop creativity, both technically and visually, and allows me to learn more about Computer-Generated Imagery. I was surprised to be the April FGT winner but am so happy because it motivates me to pursue my dreams further.”
Le Hoang was also a VFX Supervisor for the “Vietnam Airwar: The First Swallows” documentary, a non-profit project developed by DTU Silver Swallows Studio, which premiered on April 26, 2019. Hoang won 3 prizes in the CG Artist Danang Challenge.   
The staff at Silver Swallows Studio are also lecturers who directly take part in or support the training of two DTU majors:
? Graphic Design
? Multimedia Communications
Students learn how to create wonderful works like “White Cliffs” and other impressive productions.
Ngành Thi?t k? Ð? h?a, H?a si Ð? h?a Duy Tân gi?i Nh?t Fox’s Got Talent
Silver Swallows Studio
An education in Multimedia Communications at DTU provides a wide knowledge of:
? Radio broadcasting
? Television
? Advertisement
? Electronic newspapers
? Event organization
? Communication message design
? Handling communication problems
? Film and television production
Students acquire an in-depth knowledge of television and movie production and multimedia products, like advertising banners, viral videos, websites and interfaces. Multimedia Communications students are supported by the DTU Journal of Science & Technology, the DTU Media Center, the CVS and the CSE. The training program is based on the Industrial Design and Media Design major at Singapore Polytechnic.
Students learn basic and advanced elements of Graphic design, including:
? Word art
? Brand identity
? Packaging design
? Web and application design
? The games industry
Graphic Design students are taught how to design and produce cinematic effects and applied simulations for medicine, industry, tourism and so on. Students can intern at the Center for Visualization & Simulation and at the Silver Swallows Studio, with the latest-generation of highly configurable computers, a sound studio, a film recording studio and a projection room equipped with large screen and soundproofing, where they can use the most advanced technology and software, such as Pro Tools, 3ds Max, 3D Maya and ZBrush.
In 2020 season, DTU continues to award preferential scholarships students of Graphic Design and Multimedia Communications.
- 700 scholarships, worth from 500 thousand to 2 million VND for high-school transcript applicants, with 22 points or higher;
- 450 DTU scholarships, worth from 1 to 5 million VND for applicants with a total High School Graduation Exam three-subject score from 5 to 10 points higher than the admissions minimum;
- A 10% reduction in first-year tuition fees for 50 applicants in Multimedia Communications;
- + Students from Quang Tri, Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Thanh Hoa will each be awarded 1 million VND if they enroll in the Graphic Design;
- Talent scholarships: 135 full and partial scholarships for foreign applicants who graduated from high school; 
- 90 full and partial scholarships to Vietnamese applicants who won first, second, third or consolation prizes at National Skilled Student contests or Science and Technology Competitions organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, who graduated high school. They can enroll directly for the major of their prize or for any related major if they have an IELTS score of 5.5 or higher, or an English-language score of at least 6 at the HSGE.
For further information please contact:
The DTU Enrolment Center at 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang
Hotline: 1 900 2252 or 090 529 4390 or 090 529 4391
Website: http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
Email: tuyensinh@duytan.edu.vn
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