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ISIT-DTU1 is the Only team in the Central Region to advance to the 2020 ASEAN Student Information Security Finals

Ten Vietnamese teams and six others from ASEAN countries will participate in the final round of the 2020 ASEAN Student Information Security Contest. The contest consists of preliminary, qualifying and final rounds, jointly organized by the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), the Ministry of Information Security and Communications and the Ministry of Education and Training’s Information and Communications Technology Department. 
92 teams are competing this year, with a higher percentage of female participants than before, including 15 from Vietnam and 8 from Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Laos. 
Sinh viên Ð?i h?c Duy Tân là d?i di?n duy nh?t mi?n Trung vào chung k?t
The ISIT-DTU1 receive a second prize 
Winning second prize in the qualifying round, the ISIT-DTU1 became the only team in the Central region to advance to the finals. Both ISIT-DTU2 and ISIT-DTU3 won third prizes.
In the qualifying round in the South, contestants from 44 teams from 17 colleges and universities were tested on their ability to take counter-measures against cyber-attacks from their opponents and defend their own computer networks at the same time. This year the tasks will be more difficult, requiring contestants to handle more complicated software scenarios.
The questions included sections on:
- pwnable: exploiting software, buffer overflow, format string and shellcode bugs
- Reverse engineering: focus on reverse engineering code source and how to unpack packers and crypters for software protection
- Web: techniques for attacking web applications
- Network/Forensic: investigating, analyzing and tracing digital cases
- Crypto/ACM: puzzle-decode, attacking encryption algorithms and using programming & algorithmic skills to solve games
The diversified test puts pressure on the teams and requires flexibility and quick thinking. 
Sinh viên Ð?i h?c Duy Tân là d?i di?n duy nh?t mi?n Trung vào chung k?t
The ISIT-DTU2 and ISIT-DTU3 win third prizes
Mr. Nguyen Kim Tuan, Head of Information Security in IT said: "Each year, the questions are made more difficult and challenging. Contestants are thoroughly trained, but gameplay is unpredictable however, with many potential surprises. The DTU teams must stay focused in training and at the contest, study regularly to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of network security vulnerabilities and new methods of attack”.
The ten finalists were:
- HMCUS.Twice - University of Natural Science, Vietnam National University, HCMC came first
- NotEfiens - University of Technology, Vietnam National University, HCMC second
- Pawsitive - University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi second
- PTIT.AmongUs - Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, HCMC
- PTIT. PTIT.1nfern0 - Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Hanoi
- ISIT-DTU1 - Duy Tan University
- MSEC_ADC - Military Technical Academy
- AmongUs - FPT University, Hanoi
- Nupakachi - Hanoi University of Science and Technology
- MSEC_SUPPORT - Military Technical Academy 
Tran Ky Son, a ISIT-DTU1 team member, said: “Participating in the contest helps us improve our knowledge and Network Engineering and Cyber Security skills, and hones our thinking, creativity and problem solving abilities. Our success is due to the dedicated teaching of Mr. Nguyen Kim Tuan and lecturers from the DTU School of Computer Science. DTU has created the ideal environment for us to access international programs, learn more and boost our self-confidence in preparation for the competition. We are now ready to face all challenges and succeed in the upcoming finals”.
- Ranked among Asia's top 500 universities by QS in 2020
- The second Vietnamese university to obtain American ABET accreditation
- Ranked 1,659th in the top 2,000 universities worldwide and third of four in Vietnam by CWUR  
- Ranked 1,147th in the top 2,500 universities worldwide and third of eight in Vietnam by URAP
- Ranked second of ten leading universities of Vietnam in international publications by the Nature Index in 2019
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