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DTU Live-streamed Talk show entitled “Startup and Careers Stories”

On June 25, DTU broadcast a live talk show, entitled “DTU Startup and Careers Stories.” MSc. Le Thi Thuc, Head of the Technology Management Department at the Danang Department of Science and Technology; Dr. Vu Xuan Truong, Director of the Danang Business Incubator; Ms. Tran Thi Le Chi, CEO of Rong Tien Sa Media, Chairwoman of Wlin Golden at Danang, an International Women’s Leadership Network; Ms. Nguyen Xuan Trang, winner of the 2012 Miss Danang Pageant and founder of Trang’s Kitchen, and Dr. Truong Tien Vu, Director of the DTU Startup Center attended.
Livestream Talkshow v?i ch? d? “Câu chuyê?n Kho?i nghiê?p và Viê?c la`m ta?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân”
Guests in the live streamed talk show
Guests shared ideas Startups and Careers. MSc. Le Thi Thuc talked about the support for innovation and startups in Danang and several questions were asked about career opportunities for those who choose to start up their own businesses.
Dr. Vu Xuan Truong, Director of the Danang Business Incubator, said: “Your timing and your education are on your side today. As the younger generation, you can now do anything you want. You are more advanced in foreign languages and technology than before and can tackle business problems more easily. I want to discuss some current market trends, including the digitization for small and medium businesses, the new demands of the middle class, and the transfer of manufacturing from foreign countries to Vietnam. With this information, you should be able to more accurately assess your opportunities and risks and stay consistent.”
Livestream Talkshow v?i ch? d? “Câu chuyê?n Kho?i nghiê?p và Viê?c la`m ta?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân”
Dr. Vu Xuan Truong, Director of the Danang Business Incubator
All universities focus on student career orientation. With regard to DTU and projects that enhance startup activities, Dr. Truong Tien Vu, Director of the DTU Startup Center, emphasized: “Entrepreneurship is based on the following precepts. Starting a business is a journey, either choosing to start up your own business or applying for a company job will bring you the same development opportunities. However, as well as broadening your knowledge and skills, the university also promotes and supports startups, providing you with the facilities and experience to initiate successful startup activities. DTU has the goal of becoming a Startup University in 2025 and, meanwhile, the DTU Startup Club has organized many important activities centering on student business startups.”  
Ms. Nguyen Xuan Trang, the founder of Trang’s Kitchen, said: “Although Quang Noodle dishes are sold everywhere, in restaurants and on the streets of Danang, I still want to start up my own noodle business. I am the type of person who loves a challenge, and, at the same time, I want to maintain and develop my family’s traditional business. I have tried to come up with my own creative ideas, my prime customers will be tourists who come to Danang and I have received much positive feedback from them. Although I have had many difficulties over the past six years, I never intended to give up. Starting a business is a journey that requires a lot of work but, in my opinion, you just need to solve each small issue one-by-one. When they have all been resolved, the can be linked together to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Startup. The knowledge you gain at university and job experience are vital in starting up any business.        
Other questions and concerns were thoroughly explained, such as the project “Building Danang to become the center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, the support provided by the Danang Business Incubator and so on.  
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