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DTU International School IT students participate in the “Agile Scrum Software” development course

On July 27, DTU International School IT students presented their products to Axon Active Vietnam as part of the “Agile Scrum Software” development course, jointly organized with Axon Active Vietnam and taught by their CIO, Sebastian Sussmann. 

 Sinh viên Duy Tân Tham gia Khóa h?c Scrum Không ph?i dóng H?c phí c?a Công ty Axon Active
DTU students present 

The five-day course was held in English. Participants learned and completed exercises in the first two-and-a half days and then had another two days to work on their projects. The interactive teaching method allowed students to learn about the basic features and implementation of Scrum, and improve their English at the same time. 

Nguyen Xuan Thuy from K21CMUTPM6 said: “This was a necessary course for IT students, especially in the final year like myself. It taught us about Scrum procedures, how to run a project, and helped improve our English and teamwork skills. I hope there will be another course for us to learn more in preparation for our future careers.”

Sinh viên Duy Tân Tham gia Khóa h?c Scrum Không ph?i dóng H?c phí c?a Công ty Axon Active 
IT students attend the course   

Axon Active Vietnam is a pioneer in international software development, based in Switzerland, with strong expertise in Agile IT software and a large portfolio of successful projects worldwide. The company provides Offshore Development Center (ODC) and Offshore Testing Center (OTC) services, staff and infrastructure, to turn concepts into reality. The company offered 2018 internship opportunities and students who passed the final test were awarded Certificates of Completion, which will benefit them on graduation.  

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