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International Nurses’ Day Celebration

On May 12th, the DTU Faculty of Nursing celebrated International Nurses’ Day. Ms. Nguyen Thi Quang Tri, a member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Nurses’ Association, Chief Nurse of the Danang Department of Health and Chairperson of the Danang Nursing Assembly; Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost; Dr. Nguyen Huynh Ngoc, Dean of the DTU Nursing Faculty; Chief Nurses of Municipal Danang hospitals, DTU lecturers and students attended. 

 L? K? ni?m Ngày Ði?u du?ng viên Qu?c t?  
Ms. Nguyen Thi Quang Tri

Associate Professor Minh reviewed the history of Nursing in Vietnam and worldwide, including the life story of Florence Nightingale, the British pioneer of modern nursing and her contributions to the profession.  

Ms. Tri said: “Launched by Ministry of Health and the Vietnam Nurses Association, we honor the contribution of our nurses and encourage them to study hard to prepare to play an important role in the local health service, by enhancing their talents, skills, manners and ethics. Our DTU students of Nursing will learn how to achieve the qualifications to contribute significantly to the development of Nursing in the future.”

The DTU Faculty of Nursing organized a “Nursing Flash Mob” contest to inspire and strengthen their motivation and empathy, to better serve patients and the community.

 L? K? ni?m Ngày Ði?u du?ng viên Qu?c t?  
Nursing students present flowers to their lecturers

The game shows “Catch the word” and “Cosplay Famous Characters” entertained the audience with exciting performances about Chi Pheo, Thi No, Beauty and the Beast, the Wizard, Elsa and so on. The K22YDD3 class won first prize in the Nursing Flash Mob. First prize in the Cosplay Famous Characters went to Chi Pheo and Thi No, with Beauty and the Beast coming in second and Elsa and the Wizard third.

Finally, the DTU students recited the Florence Nightingale Pledge to express their deep gratitude to her for spending days and nights caring for the wounded, and becoming known as "The Lady of the Lamp”.

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