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The 2018 DTU Social Venture Plan Competition

On May 6th, after two months of preparation, fifteen teams participated in the qualifying round of the 2018 Social Venture Plan Showcase, attended by Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost; Dr. Ha Nhu Hang, Deputy-Dean of the DTU Graduate School, DTU lecturers and staff.

 Ð?i h?c Duy Tân T? ch?c Cu?c thi D? án Kinh t? C?ng d?ng L?n th? 5  
The smart fire warning system for apartment buildings, developed by the DTU TH-True Life team
Aiming to promote the Problem-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning methods, the annual competition enables students to demonstrate their creativity and improve their self-confidence, teamwork and English skills, preparing them to participate in international competitions.

Teams presented the concepts and benefits of their projects in English. Some projects were practical in real life, including: “Providing careers for the disabled “, “The humanitarian tour”, “A smart fire warning system for apartment buildings”, “An alarm in a watch to prevent drowning”, “A multi-functional jacket”, “Qualified tutors”, “Doctor Online”, and “A smart house exploiting the use of solar energy and rainwater”.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân T? ch?c Cu?c thi D? án Kinh t? C?ng d?ng L?n th? 5 
The teams 
Dr. Anand Nayyar, a lecturer in the Graduate School and a member of the jury, said: “The students exhibited many projects of high practical value and some of them were good enough for submission to international contests.”

The jury will select the five best, most practical projects, with prizes amounting to 40 million vnd, which will then be entered into the international finals in Japan.

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