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DTU Silver Swallows Studio Wins Silver Prize at DigiCon6 Short Film Contest

The awards ceremony for the DigiCon6 short film contest 2017, held in the Marunouchi building, Tokyo, Japan, on November 11,  honored some of the most outstanding film-makers from around the world. Among the films landing awards, the short Typo Master produced by the DTU Silver Swallows Studio outstandingly won Silver at DigiCon6.
The crowd of filmmakers at DigiCon6
Initiated in Japan, the DigiCon6 short film contest for amateur and professional graphic film artists always attracts a great many film-makers. Organized annually, DigiCon6 uncovers creative works and the artists that made them to the entire world. The competition also inspires film-makers to create ever more high-quality movies and to improve people’s level of enjoyment and their knowledge of life.
Wishing to show something of Vietnamese people and culture, the DTU Silver Swallows Studio film group joined hands to produce the movie Typo Master, right after receiving a very funny and loveable plot from Nguyen Tan Phat Anh, who wrote the script for and directed a great many award-winning and acclaimed films.
A scene from Typo Master
Typo Master is a story about an old imperial exam licentiate in ancient times, who loves painting even though it is not his specialty. Having an exemplary style and life, he acts like a master of painting when in front of the painting frame, making all expect him to produce a masterpiece.
The finished work, however, surprises everyone with its unsophisticated lines as if of a child learning to draw, coming from a licentiate master of calligraphy. The plot is humorous and witty, but carries the message than one should boldly pursue one’s hobbies, even though we are not good at them, to discover all the interesting things of life, which made a strong impression on the DigiCon6 jury.
In addition, the jury also highly praised the techniques used in Typo Master. “Silver Swallows Studio is occupied with the production of a documentary film on the air war in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War and with several other historical film projects, making Typo Master a side project to satisfy the DTU film team’s love for graphic animation,” says Mr Vo Huy Giap, production manager for Typo Master. “It was a real surprise when Typo Master won Silver at DigiCon6, though. The movie has good technique, as it was made entirely with 3D technology. As it was the first time we tried our hand at animation, we spent a lot of time developing scenes and characters. For the design of the main character’s Ao dai dress, the group used the Maya and 3ds Max software in parallel. The result is a lively Typo Master with a very meaningful plot. Typo Master is the first part in a series of films the group will produce in the near future.”
Typo Master won Silver at DigiCon6, together with Whoever Buys My Onions by a group of filmmakers and Solar Flower by the Vietnamese Animation Studio. Vietnam also won Gold with Cube by a member of Bad Clay Study in Ho Chi Minh City.

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