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Top Ten Universities in Vietnam Announced

A group of independent researchers recently published a ranking of the 10 leading universities of Vietnam:

1. Vietnam National University in Hanoi
2. Ton Duc Thang University 
3. The Vietnam National University of Agriculture 
4. Danang University 
5. Vietnam National University in HCMC 
6. Can Tho University, 
7. The Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 
8. Hue University, 
9. Duy Tan University 
10. The Hanoi University of Education.

According to the researchers, large national institutions, old regional universities and universities with a high number of publications in international ISI-listed journals, like Duy Tan University, were highly ranked.

Renowned universities of economics, which are often a top choice of the best applicants, ranked in the middle, with the Foreign Trade University at 23, the Trade University at 29, the National Economics University at 30 and the Academy of Finance at 40, because they are lagging behind in terms of the number of papers published in international ISI-listed journals, and must increase their output to climb up the list. 

The ranking showed that, due to competition, universities should improve the quality of education and invest heavily in research, instead of relying on the traditional educational approach. Vietnamese universities have never ranked in the top 1,000 world universities, as published by Times Higher Education (THE), the World University Rankings (QS), Webometrics and others.

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