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DTU Students Win Awards in the Student Tour Guide Contest

The Danang Department of Tourism organized the Student Tour Guide Contestfor Tourism students at universities and colleges in the Central Region to extend their knowledge and skills. 

Nguyen Thi Dong Truc of K20DLL2, in violet, won first prize 
On September 17th, 95Tourism majors participated in the contest, from DTU, the Danang University of Economics, the Danang University of Education, Quang Nam University, and the Tourism Vocational College.The fifteen leading contestants went on to the finals, where they were tested on Eloquence, Situational Judgementand Aptitude, enabling them to learn more and gain some practical experience.
DTU Tourism and Hospitality students
Nguyen Thi Dong Truc and Nguyen Van Chuan of K20DLL2, Nguyen Thu Dieu of K21DLL3 and Nguyen Vu My Phuong of K20VHD3advanced to the finals and wonone first prize, one second, two Consolation prizes and first prize in the Aptitude and Eloquence tests.

DTU aims to provide Tourism students with all the latest information and skills to plan for careers as tour guides. The contest results encouraged both lectures and students and, meanwhile, DTU is becomingrecognized as one of the best universities for Tourism education in the Central region.

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