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DTU Architecture - A Creative Major

DTU has been providing the community with highly qualified and dedicated engineers by offering majors in Engineering Architecture, Interior Architecture and Graphic Design. As living standards improve, the standards and skills of Architects must improve accordingly to design and construct the most appropriate and sustainable buildings. In 2017, DTU continues to enrol Architecture majors and provide them with the latest information by sharing programs with its international partners to enhance the level of education at the university.
DTU collaborates with California State University in advanced Architecture and Civil Engineering programs

With an understanding of the current international requirements to teach Architecture, DTU sends lecturers abroad to get practical experience in the latest construction techniques. Since 2010, DTU has partnered with universities worldwide in share their curricula, including the California State Universities in Fullerton and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, to implement the first and only advanced program in Architecture and Civil Engineering in Central Vietnam. California State University in Fullerton is the biggest university California State University system, while Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo is one of the five leading American universities majoring in Architecture.

At the same time, DTU has focused on building facilities with modern classrooms, laboratories and special studios for Architecture students. Engineering Architecture majors broaden their knowledge of construction design, ranging from small-scale to large-scale projects, from simple to complex, from formulating ideas about structures, technical and material integration and on, including Quick Design projects, Planning projects, and Industrial projects taught by dedicated lecturers who have graduated from universities in developed countries.

Architecture graduates will work as designers at design offices, design supervisors at construction sites and take jobs related to design and engineering management, as corporate architecture consultants, in government urban management, both at home and abroad.
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Interior Design majors learn about interior design and construction, decoration, the selection and arrangement of furniture for luxury accommodation villas, apartments, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, spas and so on. They are able to work at design consulting companies, architectural supervision firms, in education and at research institutes, or in other businesses in the fields of materials, equipment and interior decoration.

DTU students share the high-quality programs of the Industrial Arts Design and Media Education at Singapore Polytechnic University. In March 2017, DTU also signed an agreement with the Hanoi University of Fine Arts to share curricula and establish a new Fine Arts program, to exchange academic information in Applied Arts, to organize meetings between lecturers and students, and so on.

DTU also inaugurated the Silver Swallows Studio to make films onsite and invested in modern equipment, including advanced computer systems and a projection room equipped with a large screen and soundproofing. The studio enables students to study, practice and produce films in the one location.

Graphic Design graduates can work for design companies, advertising and publishing companies, teach at universities or open their own centers.

Those who study and research in such a dynamic and modern environment receive awards every year. These include a first prize in the 2010 Loa Thanh Contest of Dang Xuan Nam, the Asia-Pacific IDEERS Champion’s Trophy at the 14th IDEERS contest “Design of earthquake resistant buildings”, held in Taiwan, with third prizes there in 2013 and 2015. They also won 8 first prizes, 7 second prizes, 14 third prizes and 7 consolation prizes in Architecture festivals from 2010 to 2016.

DTU Architecture graduates are now working at local and international companies, such as The Danang Planning Institute, the Inspection Committee of the Ministry of Construction, the Danish EYECATCHER Company, the Japanese MAEDA Vietnam Company, the Art Thi Architectural Consulting Company, the To Am Xinh Architecture Company and the ZZZ Studio.
In 2017 DTU is offering special scholarships in Architecture and Fine Arts:

- Partial scholarships for first year applicants enrolling in the Engineering Architecture and Interior Design.
- Scholarships worth 1 million vnd each for residents of Quang Tri, Quang Binh, Quang Ngai, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, and Thanh Hoa enrolling in the Graphic Design/Game/Multimedia major.
- Full scholarships for applicants enrolling in the CSU Engineering Architecture major with the three-subject High Graduation Exam total score of 20 points or more.
- 10 scholarships worth 50% of the first year course fee from California State University for applicants enrolling in the CSU Engineering Architecture major.
- 10 scholarships from DTU for applicants enrolling in any of the CSU programs, worth 5 million vnd each.
- Several scholarships of 1 billion dong for applicants with total three-subject score of 21 points or higher, based on a high school transcript.

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