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The Advanced Software Engineering Program at DTU

Along with the rapid development of IT, the demand for software engineers in Vietnam has significantly increased. As a result students care about where they should study Software Engineering. Over the past few years, many students have opted to study at DTU.    

Internship opportunities at big companies

The Software Engineering program at DTU, including Network Technology and Software Technology, provides students with basic knowledge of designing and managing software technology models.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân dào t?o ngành K? thu?t Công ngh? Ph?n m?m theo chu?n Qu?c t? 2017
DTU students win big prizes and study in dynamic environments

Choosing to study Software Engineering at DTU is a wise decision. Since 2008, DTU has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the top four American universities in IT, to offer international standardized courses in Information Technology, Information Systems and Network Security. DTU students learn and conduct research at the same time. Most lecturers are graduates of leading overseas universities and frequently participate in international and local short-term training.     
Focusing on in-depth education and research, the DTU Faculty of Information Technology and the DTU International School cooperate with companies to hold seminars and workshops to enable students to meet industry specialists and understand more about their corporate requirements.   
Software Engineering students experiment in modern labs and offered internships at leading companies such as LogiGear, Gameloft, FPT Software and Global Cybersoft.     

Over the past few years, DTU students have won big prizes in Information Security and cyber-security contests, nationally and worldwide. In 2008, Ta Ba Thanh Huy won first prize in the National Informatics College Olympiad. In 2014, DTU students won first and second prizes in the Computer Fireworks Competition, held by the Danang Department of Information and Communications. DTU students also won second prize in the 2017 Microsoft Imagine and third prize in the 11th WhiteHat international network security contest in 2016. They were ranked seventh in the top 10 teams in the 2016 HITB GSEC information security contest in Singapore. They came in 4th in the 2016 SCRT Information Security competition in Geneva, Switzerland, 6th in the 2016 WhiteHat Grand Prix contest and 3rd in the final of the 2017 Students of Information Security, “Viettel Mates Ctf” contest. With this list of accomplishments, DTU is now in second place in Vietnam in the CTF Time Rankings.       
Job opportunities

The 4th Industrial Revolution creates more employment in Software Engineering, but requires more and more highly-qualified digital technology professionals.

With this specialized knowledge, DTU Software Engineering graduates are equipped to work as application development programmers, software testers, quality assurance engineers, project managers, technical directors, network administrators, consultants and lecturers.  
Until now, DTU has graduated large number of Software Engineers into the community. Compared to some other disciplines, Software Engineers immediately find good jobs, and some of them are already employed while still at university. Many work at for local companies such as FPT, Global Cybersoft, Axon Active and the Danang Department of Information and Communications.    

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