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DTU Valedictorian in the General Practitioner Program wants to help needy patients

With a score of 27.4 in the 2017 National High School Exam, Pham Thi My Duyen, who lives in Quang Nam province, became a DTU Valedictorian and will study to be a General Practitioner. To make her dream of helping the impoverished come true, My Duyen was awarded a full scholarship covering her entire tuition for the course at DTU.

Want to be a doctor when growing up 

Duyen was born into an impoverished farming family in the mountains of Quang Nam province. Initially, she wanted to be a doctor to cure her mother who has cardiovascular problems. “My mother has heart disease and often gets sick. Drugs are very expensive and whenever my mother becomes ill we worry and have to take turns looking after her at the hospital. It would be wonderful if one of our family members became a doctor. When I was at the hospital, I saw many patients suffering severely, which persuaded me to study hard to become a qualified doctor in my hometown to help poor patients.” she said. 
Pham Thi My Duyen at the DTU Pharmacy store

Duyen surprised her friends when she enrolled in the General Practitioner course at DTU. She said: “One of my friends said that you will age quickly because of the seven years of training required to qualify as a doctor.”

Doctors should be proficient in English 

Duyen chose to enroll in General Practitioner at DTU because she found out many unique features in the training program, especially first year students being required to study English all year. “Learning English is very helpful for referencing study materials. Since high school I have been interested in English. I am quite proficient at it but want to improve my English even further. Doctors should be able to communicate with foreign colleagues to enhance their qualifications.”

Duyen believes that, in addition to their knowledge and skills, doctors must be ethical and act in the best interests of their patients, known as medical ethics.  If a graduate is qualified and kind-hearted, they will have no difficulty finding a job. With a positive attitude and support from DTU, Duyen is realizing her dream of becoming a medical practitioner in her hometown.

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