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A Discussion with Universitas Islam Indonesia

On November 4th, DTU held an informal meeting with the Universitas Islam of Indonesia (UII). Representatives from Indonesia, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, Ms. Le Nguyen Tue Hang, DTU Vice-Provost, lecturers and students of the International School, the Tourism & Hospitality Faculty, Accounting and Business Administration attended.
DTU has proactively participated in the development of ASEAN, through the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) program and arranged several related activities to provide lecturers and students with a broader understanding of ASEAN and increase their self-confidence in joining the global workforce.

From October 30th to November 5th, the DTU International School welcomed four Indonesian lecturers to teach at DTU, strengthening their relationship in education and research with other ASEAN universities.

Representatives of DTU and the Universitas Islam of Indonesia 
Located in Yogykarta, UII was the first national university in Indonesia and the oldest private university. With a student population of 25,000 students, UII offers various programs ranging from Bachelor’s degrees to Ph.Ds. in Economics, Community Service, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Biology and Pharmacology.

Lecturers from DTU and the Universitas Islam in Indonesia 
Presentations were made on topics including “A Macroeconomic Overview of Vietnam”, “Research on Fashion Preferences for 55 to 65 Year-Olds in Danang” and “The Impact of Price and Income Changes on Nutritional Deficiencies.”  
The UII visit laid the foundation for the future establishment of the Association of ASEAN Universities and allowed DTU and UII lecturers to share information and experiences.

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