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Materials and Road Structure Seminar

On January 8th, the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering hosted a Materials and Road Structure seminar, with Dr. Nguyen Mai Lan of the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport (IFSTTAR), attended by lecturers and students of the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering. 
Dr. Nguyen Mai Lan
Dr. Lan provided information on the assessment equipment used and solutions developed at IFSTTAR to improve the structural stability of roads. IFSTTAR has simulation models that track 20 to 30 years of heavy truck traffic within 3 to 5 months, at speeds of up to 100 km/h, which is equivalent to the design lifespan of roads. This allows engineers to evaluate and compare the qualities of various road surfaces, to create or select the most suitable construction materials. He also presented several types of asphalt surfaces that he has tested, to increase stability and extend road lifespan. These include a high-modulus mix (EME), containing low penetration index asphalt, asphalt with polymer additives and mixtures of asphalt aggregates optimized to prevent wheel track rutting.
DTU lectures and students

Le Quang Dat of K17 XDC said: “As well as providing me with latest information on road and bridge construction, the seminar helped consolidate what I have already learned at DTU, which will be invaluable in my future job.”

By arranging regular practical activities, such as this seminar, the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering students are able to broaden their technological knowledge to the maximum. 

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