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The DTU Faculty of Environmental Engineering

During the recent economic, social and urban development in Vietnam, serious environmental issues have arisen, particularly in large cities. Every day, for example, we can witness the unsightly behavior of unthinking people throwing trash out into the streets and rivers.
Students of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering unite to clean up after a storm
To contribute to the environmental protection and unite to create a green city, the DTU Faculty of Environmental Engineering has invested in improving the quality of education, organized many practical activities, researched effective solutions for specific environmental issues, run information campaigns and arranged environmental protection and other communal activities. Environmental hotspots in Danang, such as the Tho Quang dock, the Khanh Son landfill area, and the polluted beaches, have been selected by lecturers and students to learn more about them and to research appropriate solutions to prevent long-term pollution.
To commemorate World Environment day on May 31, students have organized two high-profile, simultaneous, communal activities. They teamed up with the Danang branch of the Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment to arrange an informational meeting on environmental protection, they went out to clean up the city, and ran a charitable food donation program for poor hospital patients.
... Distributing vegetarian food to poor patients
The Faculty chose to clean up an area in the Ngu Hanh Son district. Despite of the scorching sun, with temperatures of up to 42°C, a hundred lecturers and students went all to restore the cleanliness and beauty of the location. 
For the charitable activity, the teachers and students, based on surveys, chose the Lien Chieu district Health Center and the Mental Hospital, occupied by many poor patients. Over 300 vegetarian meals were prepared and delivered to the poor patients by the students. The students were overjoyed by the look in the patients’ eyes when they received their meals. Teaching students about living and our society is the Faculty’s mission, and teaching them about humanitarian compassion and generosity is another objective. Activities such as these will always continue to be supported by lecturers and students of the DTU Faculty of Environmental Engineering.
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