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DTU Students Secure Good Jobs on Graduation

From May the 20th to the 28th, 252 CMU and PSU students defended their graduate theses, several of which were highly evaluated in terms of practical application.
The undergraduate thesis defense committee included lecturers from the CMU and PSU programs and CEOs of local software companies, banks and others. During the presentations, students of Information Technology (CMU), Information Systems (CMU), Business Administration (PSU), Finance and Banking (PSU) and Auditing (PSU) defended their theses in English, fluently and confidently. They gave good answers to many questions raised by the committee.
A DTU student from the PSU program presents her graduation thesis
Mr. Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of DTU International School and members of the committee remarked: "We ranked the aspiration for research of the students, as well as the quality of their theses. Though this is the first time students of the CMU and PSU programs have been asked to present their theses in English, all of them did very well. We have strict rules to ensure high standards".
The undergraduate thesis defense committee at the review
The thesis titled “A Medical Assistant System”, presented by Pham Cong Nguyen and Bui Minh Phuc, of K15 CMU-TPM, got the highest grade of 9.6. “During our preparation, we were encouraged and supported by the dedicated lecturers of the DTU International School and excellent staff of the Enclave Company. Many companies have held recruitment sessions at DTU and Enclave offers fine internship opportunities. I am very happy as our thesis won the hearts of the committee this time”, said Bui Minh Phuc.
Soon afterwards, several students were offered permanent jobs at Enclave. Many other companies, such as LogiGear, Gameloft, F-Soft Danang and the InterContinental also came to DTU to recruit graduates. This demonstrated the sustained efforts made by DTU to build a high-quality good study environment for their students according to the motto: "We Do Everything for Our Students’ Rights and Future Careers”.
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