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A Passage to Asean 2013

DTU provided students the opportunity to take part in an exchange program called “Passage to Asean 2013 (P2A)”. The program was hosted by Rangsit University from 12th to 22nd March 2013. The objective was to enable Architecture and Construction students to broaden their knowledge after graduation.
Twenty seven universities from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia participated in P2A 2013.  DTU was the first Vietnamese university to join the program. 
 A photo of the ASEAN students
After attending a two-day seminar at Rangsit University, the students started their journey to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. On arrival, they toured tourism sites famous for their architecture. Students of Architecture and Construction were able to learn about well-known buildings, cultures and people. They visited places such as the Twin Towers and the Old Town in Malaysia and the Lion Fountain in Singapore.
Hoang Mien Vien of DTU K17CSUKTR remarked:” I have many interesting memories of the trip. I met people from Thailand and Cambodia during the trip, who were very friendly and sociable. We had an interesting time talking about our different cultures. This experience will be particularly useful to me in my ongoing studies and future career”. 
The 2013 P2A program inspired a love for Architecture and Construction. The program also cemented the relationships between students of the different ASEAN countries. 
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