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DTU Faculty Participate in a Bartending Training Course

On April 14th, the faculty of the DTU Tourism Department and the Vocational School completed a 7-day Bartending Training course. Mr. Dinh Xuan Duoc, who has had 23 years of experience working in restaurants and 5-star hotels, taught the course. After the success of the Cooking course, this one was aimed to improve their professional skills in tourism for application in their teaching and research at DTU.

DTU faculty practices mixing drinks

Mr. Duoc taught the class how to make drinks. As Head of Food & Beverage Department teaching at the Vietnam-Australia Advanced College of Hotel Management, the Khoi Viet Tourism and Hospitality School and the Viet Giao Vocational School, followed by years of working experience at 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, he also worked at the Saigon Floating Hotel, the Patel Inn Saigon of Japan, at entertainment events and weddings. The twenty-six DTU lecturers were divided into four groups to compete in five sections, which were: learning the names of cocktails, their recipes and preparation methods. After that, each team randomly drew selections of three drinks recipes and had to prepare them in ten minutes.

Applying their new-found skills, the DTU lecturers made drinks like professional bartenders by mixing and decorating their drinks. Cocktails included the B52, the Traffic Light, the Mojito, the Blue Lagoon, Margarita, Pina Colada, Singapore Sling and Long Island Iced Tea. The multi-colored drinks created a feeling that they were actually working in a hotel, restaurant or bar. Mr. Duoc complimented them on their skills in selecting the equipment, the contents and procedures to make such attractive and tasty drinks.
DTU lecturers on the training course with Mr. Dinh Xuan Duoc

Mr. Pham Dang Quang, Vice-Dean of the DTU Tourism Department said: “The course provides us with the knowledge about the basic contents we need to mix drinks, the extra materials we should use and the ways that drinks are mixed and decorated at 5-star hotels and restaurants. After attending the course, most of us know how to make a good-tasting cocktail. These short Cooking and Beverage courses are very useful in broadening the practical knowledge of our Tourism lecturers, in order for them to focus better on training professionals to satisfy the special demands of the local tourist industry.”