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Nguyen Hung Phi - A Flame of Passion

It was his bright smile that made the first impression on me. Hung Phi was very modest when we asked him about his achievements. He is one of a group of distinguished DTU students to receive scholarships from the Boeing Aircraft Corporation. He is also the only student in the Central Region ranked in the top 30 in the recent Microsoft Office International Specialist Championship. He will build on these early successes to pursue his passion in life.
Nguyen Hung Phi, of K17 CMU at Duy Tan University
Nguyen Hung Phi is a student in the K17 CMU/DTU Software Technology class. Like many other freshmen, everything seemed strange to him during his first few days at the university. However, he quickly integrated into the new dynamic and creative study environment and made many new friends. He said: “Before I became a DTU student, I had had difficulty selecting a university and a major. By chance, when I attended the 2011 Examination Consultancy session, I became interested in the CMU program offered by DTU”. 
That decision has since helped Hung Phi prove his ability. During a year of study, he has obtained very high academic results. He has been encouraged by the modern facilities and dynamic training environment at DTU, by highly-qualified faculty and by new teaching methods. He explained: “It is the DTU study environment that aroused my passion for computer science and software technology. I spend most of my time studying class materials and researching for additional information”. With his strong academic performance, Hung Phi became one of ten DTU students to receive a scholarship from the Boeing Aircraft Corporation in 2011-2012.
Dr. John Kang and Dr. Benoit Morel award Boeing Scholarships to top students
Also, Hung Phi gained outstanding results when he participated in the Microsoft Office International Specialist Championship, which took place at Dong A University on March 23rd. With a total points of 800 out of 1,000, he became the only student in the Central region to finish in the final 30 and will go on to the National Final Round in May. Overwhelming many other strong competitors, Hung Phi was happy to say: “This is the first time I have participated in a big competition like the Microsoft Office International Specialist Championship. I felt very nervous. The competition tests skills in Microsoft Office applications. The competition is organized by Certiport world-wide to select the best candidates to enter the finals in the United States. With the IT knowledge and software skills learnt at DTU, I tried my best to complete the test as fast as possible”.
As well as participating in community activities, Hung Phi is admired by his classmates for his English language ability. He said: "I like English very much and try to speak it as often as possible. In my opinion, if you want to be good at English, you should not be shy of making mistakes. You should speak slowly and correctly. Also, you should learn the basics well. As English is an integral part of Western culture, you should spend time studying it and then you will discover how much you love English. Gradually, speaking English will become habitual our daily lives”.
Ms. Nguyen Trinh Trung Duong, of the DTU International School faculty commented: “Hung Phi is intelligent and studious. He gives well thought-out answers to subjects which require much consideration, like computer programming. He is modest and sociable, which is why he is admired by his peers. He can also sing rock music well and usually takes part in the singing contests run by Ms. Pamela”.

Talking about his future plans, Hung Phi said: “First of all, I will try my best to achieve high grades on graduation. Then I would like to be a programmer, then a software project manager and, later perhaps, a CEO. If I have the opportunity, I will study abroad”.  
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