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A meeting of Mathematics Professors and Students

On the evening of 11th April, 2013, all the lecturers and students participating in the XXI National Student Mathematics Olympiad met at DTU with mathematics professors. They were there with a feeling of relief after doing their best in the examinations. They had time to meet and make new friends with students from many other locations.

The DTU students gave a delightful musical performance. Stories exchanged by the professors inspired the students in their love of mathematics.
Professor Nguyen Huu Du talks at the meeting

Professor Nguyen Huu Du, General Secretary of the Vietnam Mathematics Society said: "The XXI National Student Mathematics Olympiad is a big event for most Vietnamese students. Though they do not all have the same levels and reasons for studying maths, they all share the same passion for this discipline. At first, many people were concerned about choosing DTU to host the competition. However, I can confidently say that DTU has surpassed our expectations in preparing for the competition. This exhibits your professionalism and your dedication to the event”.

Professor Tong Dinh Quy, the Director of Mathematics at the Applied Informatics Institution, the Polytechnic University was very surprised by the total of 89 teams attending the Olympiad at DTU. Professor Quy was very grateful and said: “Mathematics originates from life and serves our lives. For example, the construction industry is key to our personal understanding of modern-day mathematics. In reality, there are many simple mathematical problems we can solve but there also remain much more difficult ones to be solved. For example, we should understand the mathematics of Information Technology in order to build a nuclear power station. Mathematical logic will help us forecast the weather and high level mathematics will allow us to analyze the economy. Mathematics plays an important role in the modern life and research institutes should invest more in the improvement of mathematics teaching and research. I must stress that it is not easy to study mathematics so who pursue it must be completely dedicated. Success will only come to those who dare to dream and strive to make their dreams come true”.
Students question the mathematics professors
Associate Professor Ngo Van Thu, Dean of Economic Mathematics at the National Economics University advised: "If you want to be good at maths, you should keep in mind that natural science is the path to improvement in other subjects. Mathematics is both qualitative and quantitative. It is necessary to have a sophisticated viewpoint about the importance as well as the effectiveness of studying maths. I expect you to have sufficient enthusiasm and passion in maths so that you can fulfill your career goals in the future”.

Luu Anh Tin of DTU K17 XDD1 added: “We are very delighted to be the home team competing with many others from all over the country. We have already made excellent preparations and are now confident that we will achieve excellent results. In April, DTU students accomplished much, including winning the 7th Huda Cup Football Tournament and four DTU teams reached the National Finals of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest. So we also expect to win prizes at the Maths Olympiad this year”.

Students’ questions were answered by professors at the meeting. Students enjoyed listening to professors reading poems about love and maths, proving that the heart of a mathematician is full with good feelings and love. So a love of mathematics should always be expected and enjoyed by students of all generations.
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