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A Friendly Meeting between California Polytechnic and DTU

On April 12th, a friendly meeting between Dr. Brian Tietje, Vice-Provost of California Polytechnic in the USA and DTU students took place in Hall 713-K7/25 at Quang Trung. The event was part of a working visit by a California Polytechnic delegation to DTU. Attendees included Professor Mark Fellowitz of California State University at Fullerton, the DTU International School faculty and students. 

Opening the meeting, Dr. Brian Tietje said: “This is the first time I have been to Vietnam. Your country is very beautiful. Danang is very charming and attractive. By the way, I would like to congratulate all of you on choosing DTU, a university well-known for its high standard of education and an excellent starting point for your future careers.
Dr. Brian Tietje addresses the meeting 

According to Dr. Tietje, California Polytechnic is one of the two most important members of the California State University (CSU) system. With its educational objective “Learning By Doing”, California Polytechnic offers a wide variety of academic programs, some of which are the highest ranked in the USA. These programs include Architecture, Business Administration and Agriculture. The Architecture program has recently been ranked third in the country. “I am happy to know DTU has set “Learning By Research Projects” as one of its strategic objectives”, Dr. Tietje added. 

Closing the meeting, Dr. Tietje gave the following advice to all students: “From my experience of living and working in California, I would like to share with you all, and especially with students in Business Administration and Marketing, five key words of opportunity: Connections, Youth, Imagination, Learning and Solutions. As you may know, in the field of music, some musicians and singers have to spend years practicing hard every day before they become well-known. So, as students, you should spend much more time studying and always try much harder to achieve your future goals.”
Professor Mark Fellowitz awards Certificates of Completion to students of CSU/DTU Civil Engineering
The relationship between DTU and CSU Fullerton and California Polytechnic is based on the strategic objective that both DTU and CSU have in common of “integrating the qualities of a teaching university with those of a research university.” As part of the collaboration, DTU has adopted Civil Engineering and Architecture curricula from CSU Fullerton and Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo respectively. In addition, DTU and CSU Fullerton are working towards a 2+2 collaboration in Business Administration.

51 students in the K17 CSU/DTU Civil Engineering class were given Certificates of Completion of study in Computer-Aided Architecture and Civil Engineering Drafting” by Professor Fellowitz of CSU Fullerton. The international certificate is a collaboration between DTU with CSU, one of the top American universities in Civil Engineering and Architecture on the West Coast. 

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