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IT Students Present Their Graduation Theses in English

On Saturday, May 25th, DTU held a Graduation Thesis Defense session for K15 IT students. Attendees included Mr. Le Hoang Hung, CEO of the Enclave Software Engineering Company, Mr. Dang Ngoc Hai, Director of Axon Active Vietnam, Mr. Truong Tien Vu, Dean of DTU Information Technology, Mr. Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of DTU International School, together with many K15 IT students.
A DTU IT student presents her graduation thesis in English

Students were well prepared. They used the Scrum application as a development tool, analyzing, designing, programming, testing and administrating all their project documentation. They presented their defense in fluent English and gave excellent responses to the many questions posed by the thesis committee. 

Evaluating the thesis entitled "An e-Learning Application For Medical Education”, Mr. Truong Tien Vu said : "The whole thesis was written and presented in English, which demonstrated the qualifications and English abilities of the students.This thesis was one of the very few to win the highest grades from the committee. They presented very well indeed”.

About 121 IT students took part in the graduation thesis defense this time, of whom 36 studied Network Technology, 42 from Software Engineering and the other 43 from Information Systems. Overall, most of the theses were of high quality. Many of them focused on solving some of the current practical requirements of IT companies today.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Hai said: "Their self-confidence and persuasiveness during their English presentations impressed me the most. In my opinion, besides enhancing our professional teaching standards, it is necessary for us to hold a variety of extra-curricular activities to help students develop their soft skills as well as their English. This ensures job opportunities for them on graduation. Students from other universities in the central region not yet able to speak English as fluently and confidently as DTU students now can.”

This is the third year that the DTU Information Technology department has required the use of English in during the graduation thesis defense. Though there are still many challenges, this has demonstrated the effectiveness of supporting and demonstrating students’ achievements after four years of studying IT at DTU.

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