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Devotion to the Future of DTU

Red envelopes with lucky money were given by Board of Trustees and DTU Provosts to DTU faculty and staff on the first working day after the Tet holidays, creating a warm and friendly mood. Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, gave his best wishes to the entire DTU staff for an even more successful 2013.

After offering his best wishes to everyone also, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai presented new plans for 2013 enrollment and new adjustments made by MOET and DTU to the university admission procedures.

Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh gives lucky money to DTU faculty

Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice Provost remarked that “The achievements in the spring of 2013 were the contributions of the entire DTU faculty and staff. DTU will host many important events, including the 2013 Robocon, the Mathematics Olympiad, the National Conference on Information Sciences, the CDIO Conference, and so on. More delegations from foreign countries will also come to DTU to expand partnerships with DTU. These events assert DTU’s strong position and wide recognition within our community. In order to maintain that, everyone at DTU must work harder”.

According to Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU has been the choice of many new students, because of its modern facilities, highly-qualified lecturers and an impressive employment rate of 89%.  DTU graduates find jobs within 6 months, demonstrating DTU’s prestige in the national education system. In 2013, more new majors in Tourism & Restaurant Management (PSU), Graphics Design/Game/Multimedia, Digital Design, Obstetrical Nursing and Management and Marketing Operation will be offered at DTU. 

Professor Vu Xuan Quang, Director of the DTU Research & Development Center said: “The foundation of the DTU Research & Development Center was a wise decision of DTU Board of Trustees to promote the integration of scientific research. A group of young PhDs have graduated from universities in the US, Russia, Canada, Korea, Belgium and returned to DTU to strengthen our resources. Hopefully, more DTU faculty and staff will become interested in doing research into internationally recognized projects. We will collaborate with DTU faculty and students to assist them in their graduation theses”.

Mr. Le Cong Co sends offers his best wishes at the meeting

Mr. Le Cong Co said: “Over the past 18 years, we have been aware of the innovative changes in teaching methods and curricula. We have provided a highly-qualified workforce to meet social demands, both nationally and internationally. However, we should remember that new generations have to be provided with an ethical and humane education lessons in conjunction with their normal academic studies. In order to do that, the DTU faculty should be more dedicated in developing better teaching methods.

He strongly emphasized education in the fields of Information Technology, Tourism, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals and so on. He encouraged the DTU faculty to conduct more scientific research. More labs and sports centers will be built to serve the students’ needs. In 2013, salary increases to improve the lives of the DTU faculty and staff will be also approved. “DTU was established in 1994 and everyone should strive to make remarkable improvements in education, scientific research and job opportunities to commemorate our 20th anniversary”, added Mr. Le Cong Co at the end of the meeting.

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