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Duy Tan Dream

Happy New Year 2013

In 2012, we have made great efforts and made some remarkable achievements!

The DTU staff, including the Management Board, the Party Committee, the Provost, Vice Provosts, lecturers, faculty and staff have all performed excellently to fulfill their tasks: “We do everything to protect the rights of our students, to improve their career opportunities and to improve the lives of everyone at DTU”.
Mr. Le Cong Co - Teacher of Excellence
In 2013, it is predicted that financial conditions in Vietnam will be continue to be challenging, because of the continuing effects of the global economic crisis. Universities and colleges will suffer because of the push for improved academic standards and the need to limit more difficult increases in tuition fees.
Such challenges could possibly be overcome by the contributions of everyone at DTU. Based on our achievements of the past 18 years, we will work together closely to help DTU reach the ambitious goals it has set to achieve by November 11th, 2014, the 20th Anniversary of Duy Tan University.

Through such continuing dedication, I believe that DTU will eventually become one of the leading universities in Vietnam.