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Duy Tan University - The Only Private University in Vietnam to Receive a Government Recognition Award

On June 21, the Government granted Government Recognition Award to six academic institutions nationwide in recognition of their high achievement in the academic year 2010-2011. This is the second time that DTU has been the only private university in Vietnam to receive this award.

Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice-Provost, receives the Government Recognition Award
Compared with last year, the number of universities granted Banners decreased sharply. This year, the only six institutions receiving this prestigious award were The International University, the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, the Hanoi University of Sports, the Hanoi University of Education 2, Vinh University and Duy Tan University. Being the only private university on the list was a remarkable achievement of the entire DTU faculty.  

Enrollment was difficult for most universities in 2010-2011. MOET detected several errors in the enrollment process at many institutions which have caused noticeable decreases in the quality of teaching recently.

Despite these problems, DTU has taken measures to improve academic quality by investing in the construction of new campuses, by supplying their laboratories with better equipment, adding thousands of new books to the library and providing new computers for faculty and students. In addition, DTU has expanded partnerships with American universities to offer advanced academic programs to Vietnamese students. Hundreds of DTU faculty are sent to the USA and Singapore every year for training courses and eighty-nine percent of our graduates find jobs in the first six months. For years, DTU has successfully enrolled students at many levels and in many disciplines, reaching beyond the target enrollment set by MOET.

Delegations from the government and MOET have given high commendations to DTU for its well-equipped campus and facilities. In 2010, DTU was honored to receive a third-class medal for its efforts in education. The university also was granted an  by MOET in the academic years 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 consecutively. 

By receiving yet another Government Recognition Award this year, DTU has once again confirmed its reputation as one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam. DTU’s achievements demonstrate the healthy competition between private and public universities.

The criteria used to award a Government Recognition Award included outstanding organization, innovative methods which could be used by other institutions, cohesion and achievements in improving social well-being.
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