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Final round of the DTU Faculty Contest

Two weeks after the DTU Faculty Contest was launched; the final round took place on June 18. The contest was held for the entire DTU faculty mastering in different majors, deans and vice deans, in order to exchange ideas and their experiences teaching together.

Each major was assessed by the Academic Board, including members of the DTU Management Board, the DTU Provost and the HR Department. Faculty members selected a favorite lesson and presented it directly to the Academic Board. Academic questions were posed by Board members, so faculty members had to ensure that they mastered their subjects in order to provide convincing answers.

A DTU faculty member presenting her lesson to the Board

DTU deans and vice deans had to pass a more difficult assessment. Besides demonstrating their abilities as teachers, they had to answer questions on the management of their departments. 

The contest was an opportunity for DTU faculty to demonstrate their teaching skills, teaching quality and method, and their ability to innovative. This was also a chance for the DTU Provost to learn more about the faculty member’s qualifications.

Together with the introduction new courses on professional teaching skills and the training programs for faculty members in the US, the contest was planned to motivate the DTU faculty to become more dedicated to their teaching responsibilities. 

There are six hundred teaching faculty at DTU currently, with 4.2% graded as Professors or Associate Professors, 11% at the Doctorate level, 54.4% at the Master’s level and the rest pursuing postgraduate studies.

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