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Saying Goodbye to Dr. Don Summers

On the morning of 23rd March, 2012, DTU Rector Board, faculty, staff and lecturers attended the funeral of Dr. Don Summers at Danang Funeral Home.

Students attended Dr. Don Summer’s funeral
 Dr. Don Summers has over 40 years of experience at the highest levels of management in both Human Resources and strategic planning. He worked in financial services and medical products and services - and consulted in almost every industry and sector. Throughout his career he has helped senior management understand the critical link between business strategy and the use of corporate resources, especially people. He wrote the book "Personnel Management in Banking" (McGraw-Hill), and has published numerous articles on HR, leadership, coaching and organizational development. Most recently his publications have included: “Embracing Values Other Than the Bottom Line” in 2006 (Puget Sound Business Journal) and “Organizational Change and the Communication Roles of Middle Managers” (with Drs. Tracy Thompson and Jill Purdy), which was presented at the Academy of Management Sciences in August 2007.

He started his teaching visit at DTU in 2010 under the collaboration of DTU and SPU. With a professional working style, Dr. Don has got affections from most of DTU students and faculty. In 2011, he was the supporter for DTU students in Social Venture Planning Competition at DTU and in the final round in America.

Unfortunately, he passed away in March 2012, due to a known serious health condition. DTU Rector Board, the entire faculty, staff and students will remember what Dr. Don has done for DTU and he will be here in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Dr. Don Summers. You are loved and missed forever.
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