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Duy Tan Dream

DTU Prepares for an Historic Conference

Thirty five years after the war, patriots remember those glorious days but, at the same time, are deeply concerned that their own historical values may be lost in future generations. War veterans have always wanted to look back on the patriotic movement involving students, intellectuals and artists from 1945-1975. The upcoming conference, to be held at DTU on May 19 and 20 has been organized to satisfy this need.

The conference will be an opportunity for participants, scientists and those interested in our nation’s history to come together. Another objective is to raise the awareness of our young people about the fighting tradition of Vietnam. Consequently, the conference “Looking back on the patriotic student movement, intellectuals and artists of the Southern urban areas from 1945 to 1975” promises to be rewarding and beneficial both culturally and scientifically. 

The conference will be held in Hall 713, at K7/25 Quang Trung in Danang and a press conference is scheduled for 3:30 pm on May 17.
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