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DTU Announces the Conference on the History of Vietnam to the Press

On May 17, DTU held a press conference to announce the upcoming conference on the history of Vietnam entitled “Looking Back on the Patriotic Student Movement, Intellectuals and Artists of the Southern Urban Areas from 1945 to 1975”, which will be held on May 19 and 20. More than thirty representatives from local and national media, including Jiao Duc Thoi Dai, Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, Thong Tan Xa Vietnam and so on.
Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman & Provost, leads the press conference

Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman & Provost gave a brief presentation of on the agenda of the conference. The conference will be the first meeting of war veterans, thirty-seven years after national reunification and will offer an opportunity to look back on the patriotic movement of students, intellectuals and artists from 1945-1975. In a deeper sense, the organizers hope to inspire the younger generation with the Vietnamese fighting traditions and encourage them to study harder to contribute to our country’s development. 

In response to a question by Giao Duc Thoi Dai’s representative, Mr.Co said: “It has been my wish to hold this conference since DTU was first established. That dream has now come true with the strong support of the entire DTU faculty and student body”.

A question on the number of conference participants was posed by Thong Tan Xa Vietnam. Mr. Co reported that the number has increased to one hundred and twenty. Most of them were witnesses and patriots who fought in the war for our independence. He added that more activities and events would be held, based on the spirit “The Foundation of Humanity”, to improve the awareness of the young generation.    

Hopefully, the conference will help spread the spirit of humanity and traditional patriotism to next generation. Mr. Co’s stated that “this is to commemorate the generation who dedicated themselves to our nation and to inspire the younger generation of today”.

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