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“Students and Their Love of the Vietnamese Islands” Competition at DTU

On January 27th, a competition entitled: “Students and their love of the Vietnamese Islands” was held in collaboration with the DTU Youth Union and the Danang Youth Association. Mr. Nguyen Tien Lam, a member of the Danang Youth Association, Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost, DTU faculty and students attended the event.

The competition was aimed to improve the awareness of students about the essential importance of the Vietnamese islands and to enhance their devotion to their country. 

A performance by Business Administration students

Twelve teams from the DTU departments of the DTU Vocational School, the DTU International School, Medicine and Pharmacy, Accounting, Environmental Studies, Foreign Language, Tourism and so on competed to win places in the finals. After the three compulsory parts, “An Introduction”, “Back in History” and quizzes about the Vietnamese islands, six teams from the departments of Social Science and Humanities, Accounting, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Telecommunications and Tourism moved into the final round. 

Finalists were awarded big prizes by the organizers. “Best Performance” prizes were given to the DTU Faculty of Tourism and the Vocational School, while two teams from Social Science and Humanities and Business Administration received prizes for the “Best Presentation”. The first prize went to the DTU Department of Tourism with the highest overall total points. Business Administration and Social Science & Humanities gained second and third prizes respectively. The other teams received consolation prizes.

Delightful cheers and applause from the audience provided great encouragement to the teams. The judges also awarded a prize of “Zealous Supporters” to students from the department of Tourism.         
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