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Mr. Le Cong Co talks with DTU members on “A Passion for the Nation”

On January 5th, a meeting titled “A Passion for the Nation” took place at DTU, led by Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, with attendees from the DTU Youth Union.
Mr. Le Cong Co addresses the meeting

The meeting conveyed a sincere message from Mr. Le Cong Co to the entire DTU Youth Union. His story about the love of mothers and children touched everyone. He said that love is the root of ambition, passion and patriotism. “We were born and grown up in different backgrounds so we all have unique thoughts, personalities and dreams. However, we have the love for people in common. Caring and sharing with others will make our lives more tranquil”, said Mr. Le Cong Co.

His humanitarian stories about the war drew the attention of the attendees. Many soldiers devoted themselves to the independence of the nation. The rises and declines in the history of Vietnam have built up the pride and patriotism of every Vietnamese, which contributes to the development of our nation. He said: “As students, you should work harder in your studies. I believe that, with your passion and love of country, you will contribute to the improvement of Vietnam. Whatever you do, you should dedicate your lives to the mutual benefit of yourselves and others”.

“Love, Career and Country” are the three main elements connecting our lives together. We have to project our minds and passion into our country. We will not be successful in our careers if our nation is invaded. I hope that each DTU student will be a “tree of life” for future generations.
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