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President Truong Tan Sang Visits DTU

A Politburo delegation led by President Truong Tan Sang paid a visit to DTU to attend the 63rd Anniversary of Vietnamese Students’ Day and the Vietnamese Student Association, on January 9th. In attendance at the ceremony were Mr Nguyen Ba Thanh, Head of the Central Internal Affairs Committee, and other government leaders.
President Truong Tan Sang presents Uncle Ho’s portrait to DTU
The delegation was welcomed by Distinguished Teacher, Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, together with two hundred key members of the Vietnamese Student Union from 1954 to 1975, by the DTU faculty and by outstanding students.
Opening the ceremony, Mr. Le Cong Co gave a brief report on the mission of DTU and its impact on the Central Region of Vietnam over the past 18 years. Based on the philosophy “Teaching Methods Closely Interlinked with Human Practice”, DTU is on its way to becoming a multidisciplinary and diversified university that has steadily earned the trust of our community.
He said: “DTU has experienced a great many difficulties and challenges since its early days. However, with the strong encouragement of government authorities at all levels, together with the teamwork of faculty and staff, we have achieved some significant accomplishments. In reality, mistakes are inevitable. We always welcome your support and constructive suggestions in order to develop even further and become recognized as a leading Vietnamese university. 
The President with key members of the Student Union from 1954 to 1975
During speeches by Mr. Vo Van Thon, the former Director of the Justice Department of Ho Chi Minh city, and Dr. Huynh Tan Mam, former chairperson of the Saigon Gia Dinh General Students’ Association, attendees were reminded of unforgettable moments in their lives in the Student Movement.

President Truong Tan Sang expressed his appreciation of the large number of Student Movement members present and for their passion and patriotism for the Fatherland. He said with deep emotion: “I was surprised to meet all of you here. I was also one of the members of the Saigon General Students’ Association. We all should try our best to continue to work together and look forward to 2015, when we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Liberation Day.” 

Expressing her admiration of Student Movement, Ms. Le Thi Anh Minh, who represented DTU students, said: “Although we were born and grew up in peacetime, we are always aware of our responsibilities to the previous generations and to our homeland and are honored today to meet you here. We always take pride in studying at DTU, a university which takes its name from the historic movement which Mr. Le Cong Co helped to lead. We promise to study diligently so that we can contribute equally to the future development of our country.”

Speaking at the ceremony, President Truong Tan Sang highly praised DTU’s achievements so far. He stated ”Established in 1994, DTU was the first private university in the Central region. Over the past 18 years, the DTU Board of Management and Provosts, faculty and students have overcome many difficulties and obstacles in the development of the university. Through its 15 graduate courses, DTU has provided the community with a highly-qualified, professional workforce of over 30,000 graduates and post-graduates, who are all now making active contributions to the socio-economic development of the region. In the future, DTU will continue to be a pioneer in its mission to meet the increasing educational demands of our society.” 
President Truong Tan Sang plants a commemorative tree at the DTU campus

At the end of his visit, President Truong Tan Sang presented a portrait of Uncle Ho to DTU, had his picture taken with Student Movement members and planted a commemorative tree at the DTU campus.

The President’s visit to DTU proved that DTU has consistently gained the trust from the government and local community in terms of its improved quality of education and increasing prestige. 

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