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DTU Students Participate in the Gender Equality Campaign

On December 8th, the Danang Association of Women collaborated with DTU to hold a seminar on “Gender Equality in Politics”, sponsored by the Paz y Desarrollo. Mr. Bui Van Tieng, a member of the standing committee and the Danang Committee of Development for Women, representatives of the sponsors, DTU Provosts and students attend the seminar which aimed to improve the awareness of students about gender equality. 
 Representatives and DTU Provosts at the seminar
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice Provost said: “Gender equality plays an essential role in social development and has been backed by many political organizations. As a result, we should enhance its importance through community activities and enable women leaders to find practical solutions to improve awareness”.  
Short plays on gender equality were performed by DTU students to give a perspective on the equal role of men and women, especially on politics. Questions on gender equality were answered by Mr. Bui Van Tieng.
DTU is one of the academic institutions in Danang with the highest ratio of female employees. DTU is the first university to initiate a gender equality campaign and related activities. “However, it’s still a struggle and we should work together for a better and equal society for all”, said Mr. Tieng.
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