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FastTrak Bank Program to be Implemented at DTU

On November 5th, the DTU FastTrak Training Center presented their new Finance and Banking “Trained for Work” program to the DTU Board of Provosts. The program was developed by the DTU FastTrak Training Center in cooperation with local banks for final year undergraduates or graduates majoring in Finance and Banking, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting and so on. The program is scheduled to be implemented at the end of November 2012.

The DTU FastTrak Training Center meets with the DTU Provosts
The FastTrak Bank program is has three main elements, training, working and recruiting that help students shorten their job preparation, application and internship processes. By enrolling in the program, students will be taught and supervised by management professional for three months. They will be assigned to work on internship programs at local companies. After the training course, they will be employed by local banks if their initial performance is satisfactory.
Mr. Nguyen Kim Giang, Manager of the DTU FastTrak Training Center said: “The program is aimed to help students to put into practice the skills they need for their major field of study. They will gain practical experience working under professional supervision. As a result, they will be more confident planning and applying for future jobs”.
Danang is the financial centre of Central Vietnam, with over two hundred banks and credit agencies. So it is vital to train a new workforce in Finance and Banking. With the new FastTrak Bank program, DTU, in partnership with local banks, can now offer broader opportunities to students pursuing this major.
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