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The International School’s “Got Talent” Show

November 19,2012

The first round of the International School’s “Got Talent” show produced by the Youth Union on November 18th, drew many DTU students. The activity was based on the 2012...

DTU Students of Medicine Excited with Med’s Got Talent Contest

February 5,2018

In the evening of February 4, the preliminary round of the “Med’s Got Talent” talent show and the finals of the “I am a real MC” contest, organized by the Faculty of Medicine Student Union Executive...

Impressive art performances at Med’s Got Talent Final Show

February 28,2018

On February 27th, the final of the Med’s Got Talent Show was held in a DTU lecture hall. 12 excellent arts performances selected from the preliminary round and online round were presented by students of the Faculty of Medicine...

DTU Computer Graphics Artist is the April winner of Fox’s Got Talent

June 2,2020

Nguyen Le Hoang, a VFX Supervisor & CG Artist from Duy Tan University, created a beautiful piece of artwork entitled White Cliffs, that resembled an oil-painting of a small house built on a cliff. He used Houdini, Redshift and Nuke software and plugins and became the April Fox’s Got Talent Winner. Fox’s Got Talent (FGT) enables Fox Renderfarm users to exhibit their CG artwork skills...