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The 2021 DTU Hult Prize Kick-Off

On October 10th, DTU launched the 2021 Local Hult Prize first round and career orientation event, entitled “Brain on Top, Idea on Trend”. Attendees included Mr. Doan Duc Thanh, Founder & CEO of the Conando Agency; Ms. La Thi My Le, Co-Founder & CEO of the Grubity Kitchen; Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost, DTU faculties members and students.  
L? phát d?ng Cu?c thi Hult Prize 2021
Ms. La Thi My Le
The annual Hult Prize is sponsored by the UN and the Clinton Foundation as a Start-Up accelerator for budding young social entrepreneurs graduating from universities worldwide, to build and launch practical and compelling ideas to tackle the many grave problems experienced by billions of people every day. 
With a $1 million of global startup awards as its foundation, the Hult Prize has already launched unique academic programs and events to a million students globally, enabling young people to start to build a better world.
L? phát d?ng Cu?c thi Hult Prize 2021
DTU students at the ceremony  
The Hult Prize was first held at DTU 2019, and this is the second event. The preliminary round of the 2021 Hult Prize consists of two parts:
Launch and enrollment:
- October 4 - November 15: Contestants submit applications and form groups of four
- October 25 - November 15: Workshop to develop ideas and business models
- November 15 - 22: Selection of the ten best teams to proceed to the next round
- November 22 - December 5: Training in leadership, teamwork and public speaking skills
Preliminary round:
- December 6: Finals in Ho Chi Minh City, to select the team to represent Vietnam in the 2021 Hult Prize Southeast-Asia semifinals.
Mr. Doan Duc Thanh and Ms. La Thi My Le talked about some interesting startup stories and hands-on experiences. 
Do Vi Quoc said: “It was the most informative event I have attended so far. I already have several ideas for the competition and I am searching for additional team members. As a participant, the Hult Prize contest broadens my knowledge and skills, allows me to make new friends, meet business people and gain more practical experience.”
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