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A Student with a score of 27.1 enrolls in the DTU Odontoid-Stomatology program

Le Ngoc Dang Khoa enrolled at DTU because of its academic environment and reputation in General Practitioner education, which differs from other universities.
Thí sinh d?t 27,1/30 di?m h?c ngành Bác si Rang-Hàm-M?t t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Dang Khoa visits the DTU library
Loving chemistry and football
Dang Khoa is an Excellent Chemistry student at the Le Thanh Tong High School for the Gifted and is admired for his study techniques, which guarantee that he always excels in Chemistry.
Dang Khoa explained: “To succeed, we must thoroughly learn basic and advanced Chemistry at high school for 3 years, without interruption. I practiced solving several exercises online but believe that a strong memory is the first requirement. Exercises on esters are my favorites and allow student classification, which can make the difference between a 9 or a 10 score. My objective was to solve all of these exercises and I had a personal plan to achieve that, with enthusiasm”. 
As a result, Dang Khoa scored 27.1 in the High School Graduation Exam, with 9.5 points in Chemistry and 8.75 in Biology.     
Despite his high score, Dang Khoa is not a bookworm. He schedules studies and sports together because he believes that good health is linked to better learning. He enjoys football and plays every afternoon to relieve stress and make new friends, to share his feelings and find mutual support. 
Dang Khoa is also a member of the Green Dream Club and volunteers with others, for example, to visit the War Invalid Nursing Center and orphanages to distribute gifts and bring enjoyment to the underprivileged.  
Choosing to study Medicine to cultivate virtue and talent
Thí sinh d?t 27,1/30 di?m h?c ngành Bác si Rang-Hàm-M?t t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Dang Khoa, sixth from left in the bottom row
Dang Khoa’s father is a physican at the Vinh Duc General Hospital. When he found out that Dang Khoa wanted to study Medicine at university, he took Dang Khoa to the hospital to gain some real-time experience.  
“I researched many universities and immediately chose DTU. I realized that the Odontoid-Stomatology major was quite different from others and learned that DTU has established partnerships with American universities to improve educational quality. The university looks after its students and their first year is dedicated to studying English, to enable them to read and understand very specialized English medical materials later. DTU also partners with the Hue Central Hospital to provide internships. I am delighted to be part of DTU and to have received a partial scholarship”, said Dang Khoa. 
Doctor Le Ngoc Thinh said: "Dang Khoa is good and studies hard but he is careless. I hope this will improve when he begins his medical studies. As a doctor, I know how much effort a medical student must put in at university.  I told him in detail about the Odontoid-Stomatology major before he made his decision and was happy to see his determination to follow his dream. I have researched the DTU academic environment and believe that Dang Khoa can mature and become more responsible for himself, in his studies and in the community. I always encourage him to choose a university and major independently, so that he can be responsible for his own decisions and put in the maximum effort for future success.”   
After enrollment, Dang Khoa and his father found convenient accommodation in Danang, Dang Khoa is now confident in his new role and has many new objectives.   
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