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"Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Research Institutes" Seminar

On May 24, the Intellectual Property Office collaborated with DTU to hold the seminar "Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Research Institutes".  The seminar aimed to enhance intellectual property capabilities and strengthen intellectual asset management support for members of the Technology and Innovation Support Center Network (TISC), universities, and research institutes nationwide.
Dr. Tran Le Hong speaks at the event
The seminar focused on discussing key topics related to intellectual property management in research institutes. Attendees included Dr. Tran Le Hong, Deputy Director General of the Intellectual Property Office; Dr. Tran Nhat Tan, DTU Vice-Provost; and experts from institutions such as Phenikaa University, BK Holdings, and T&G Law Company Limited.
Dr. Tran Le Hong said: "The TISC network's activities represent a long journey, not just a destination. Our goal is to pursue more meaningful and practical activities to create and commercialize more intellectual property, thereby contributing to the development of each institution and the country's overall growth. Within the TISC network of centers supporting technology transfer and innovation, we always encourage members to exchange and share ideas and collaborate with external experts. This collaboration helps us gain more experience and knowledge, enhancing the innovation activities and the successful exploitation of intellectual property at each institution.
DTU is a proactive member and has quickly developed and succeeded in scientific research, education, and particularly in commercializing intellectual property. Today's seminar at DTU is a wonderful opportunity for delegates and experts from many institutions in the network to share, exchange, and learn from each other for further development.”
Dr. Le Van Chung, Director of the DTU Center for Visualization & Simulation, gives a presentation
on the journey of commercializing intellectual property at DTU
During the seminar, delegates and experts discussed many important topics, including:
-"Experience in building and implementing Intellectual Property Management Regulations - Realizing the Potential of Phenikaa University" by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Ngoc Hai, Head of the Science, Technology & Innovation Department, Phenikaa University;
-"From Idea to Market: The Journey of Intellectual Property Commercialization" by Dr. Le Van Chung, Director of the Center for Visualization & Simulation, DTU’s School of Computer Science;
-"Experience in developing commercialization strategies, profit-sharing, and other non-financial incentive policies of BK Holdings" by Dr. Hua Thuy Trang, Director of Corporate Partnerships, BK Holdings.
The presentations and discussions at the seminar provided valuable lessons, helping universities and research institutes enhance their capabilities and develop effective strategies for managing and commercializing intellectual property. This effort is essential in maximizing the creative and innovative potential of research institutions, contributing to the country's socio-economic development.
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