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DTU and Dev Plus Sign IT Development Agreement

On April 23, DTU and Dev Plus JSC signed a cooperation agreement to facilitate training, research, and development in IT. The signing ceremony was attended by Dev Plus founder and CEO Mr Pham Vu Huy Hoang; ST United CEO and Dev Plus co-founder Mr Bui Ngoc Vinh; Dev Plus co-founder Mr Nguyen Thanh Nam, and ChatFly founder Mr Tran Phuong Nam. From DTU there were Vice - Provost Dr Nguyen Huu Phu, the International School leadership, department heads, and many students from the International School.
ST United CEO and Dev Plus co-founder Mr Bui Ngoc Vinh speaking at the ceremony
“Founded in 2023, Dev Plus JSC mainly operates in the educational support services sector (excluding educational testing),” Mr Bui Ngoc Vinh from Dev Plus explained at the ceremony. “Dev Plus offers a variety of quality services, including technical consulting, training consulting, teaching consulting, course instruction, provision of curriculums, provision of smart learning methods, and many other services. Dev Plus is committed to using modern technology to ensure service quality and to provide its customers with the best experience. Its professional team always stands ready to support its customers and answer any queries they may have when making use of its services.
“By partnering with DTU, Dev Plus hopes to collaborate with the university in many ways to create a community of IT professionals, particularly for the growing software engineering sector in Danang. The company also wishes to give students more opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills and to better themselves, to seize job opportunities that suit them in today’s competitive labor market.”
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân và Dev Plus Ký k?t H?p tác Thúc d?y Phát tri?n Công ngh? Thông tin
DTU and Dev Plus signed an agreement for IT development
According to the agreement, Dev Plus will work closely with the Faculty of Vietnamese - American Software Engineering (CMU) at DTU’s International School to implement training and scientific research for students. Specifically, the collaboration includes providing facilities and assigning staff to support activities for students in specific programs. The goal of the agreement is for students of the Faculty of Vietnamese - American Software Engineering to acquire knowledge in the areas that Dev Plus is strong in. This will expose them to advanced skills and technologies in the field of IT and enhance their adaptability and competitiveness in the job market.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân và Dev Plus Ký k?t H?p tác Thúc d?y Phát tri?n Công ngh? Thông tin
A large number of International School students attended
Additionally, Dev Plus is also committed to fund and offer scholarships to students who excel in the training programs organized by the company. Beyond facilitating student learning, the agreement also emphasizes image and communication promotion through the posting of IT recruitment information at Faculty events. This will give students access to job positions that match their abilities and career goals. Furthermore, both partners will implement boot camps for third-year and final-year students, aimed at working on capstone projects. This will allow students to practically apply the knowledge they learned and to get practical skills for their careers after graduation. The Faculty of Vietnamese–American Software Engineering is moreover committed to introducing its students to Dev Plus for internships and to introducing potential employees meeting the company’s recruitment needs.
During the ceremony, Dev Plus and ChatFly organized talk shows about technology for DTU students. Topics included “AI is Shaping our Future”, “Dev Capability Framework to Get Ready for AI”, “Utilization of AI in Fashion e-Commerce”, and “Introducing the DevPlus MentorME Program”. In these talk shows, they discussed the role of artificial intelligence, explored how to prepare for a future of technology and how to apply AI to e-commerce fashion, and introduced the MentorME program to support student skill development.
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