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DTU Donates an eCPR machine to Tran Phu High School

On March 7, DTU donated a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) assistive technology eCPR to Tran Phu High School in Da Nang. This will allow Grade 12 students to learn first-aid theory to protect themselves and assist others.
The eCPR machine was researched and created by the staff at the DTU Center of Visualization & Simulation (CVS). The product was patented at the Intellectual Property Office in 2023 and has been put to use in various first-aid and medical training institutions.
The eCPR device is a hybrid of hardware and software, integrating IoT and virtual reality technologies. This product aims to enhance awareness and first-aid skills within the community, especially among students, educators, and related parties.
T?ng máy h? tr? k? nang h?i sinh tim ph?i cho h?c sinh THPT
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, donated an eCPR machine to Tran Phu High School
CVS Director Dr Le Van Chung, the head of the eCPR product research team, stated that CPR is a very useful technique that saves lives in emergencies. Current training methods do not, however, provide full parameters nor do they accurately identify the correctness of actions, which would allow users to adjust their technique. 
The eCPR is therefore designed based on a combination of 3D virtual reality technology and IoT with real-time sensors. As a result, users get enhanced interactions and can feel the changes brought about by their actions.
“The product integrates sensors that accurately measure compression depth and speed, identify correct postures at the neck, and monitor oral airway pressure,” Mr. Chung emphasized. “With the many new features of the eCPR, users can easily follow the correct procedure in practice and self-study.”
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân t?ng máy h? tr? k? nang h?i sinh tim ph?i cho h?c sinh THPT
operating the eCPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation assistive technology. HUY DAT
The health organization Wellbeing also offered free accounts for its online first-aid theory courses to Tran Phu high school students, to allow them to acquire effective first-aid and CPR skills. 
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