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DTU 2023 Abbott Career Talk Show on Personal Career Orientation

On November 25, an event was held at DTU entitled: “The 2023 Abbott Career Talk Show - Personal Career Orientation”. Attendees included Abbott Vietnam Regional HR Director, Ms. Tran Kim Hanh; Dr Nguyen Duc Hien, Head of the DTU Office for Business Collaboration, representatives from the Abbott Vietnam Company; and three hundred DTU students from various majors.
Talkshow “Abbott Career Talk 2023 - Ð?nh hu?ng Ngh? nghi?p B?n thân” t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
DTU students are inspired by experienced Abbott employees
Founded in 1888, Abbott is a global healthcare corporation specializing in research, development, and the manufacture of high-quality healthcare products and services, ranging from nutrition and diagnostic equipment to medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Recently, Abbott has been holding special career talk events in a format that helps students in their personal development and career discovery.
DTU College of Medicine & Pharmacy Vice-Provost, Dr. Duong Thi Thuan said: “DTU focuses on improving the quality of education, paying special attention to business outreach, to provide students with a variety of internship and job opportunities on graduation. Their self-confidence when they enter the actual work environment proves that the university concentrates heavily on working with businesses to teach them the appropriate soft skills in order to most effectively handle situations and solve problems in the workplace. I hope that today’s talk show will give you a better understanding of the important specialized knowledge that you need to acquire, such as the interviewing process and the necessary problem-solving skills to meet recruiter requirements.”
Talkshow “Abbott Career Talk 2023 - Ð?nh hu?ng Ngh? nghi?p B?n thân” t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Representatives from Abbott Vietnam answer student questions
Throughout the talk show, long-term Abbott employees shared information about the company’s main activities, its products, internship programs, job opportunities, employee benefits and the work environment. They talked about  their own journeys of self-discovery and personal development, which helped the students understand themselves better, be more motivated to overcome their difficulties and achieve their major career goals.
The highly experienced Abbott Vietnam professionals expressed their belief that, to achieve success, it is vital to fully understand the various industries available, choose the right one, and then accumulate the necessary knowledge and skills while still in the classroom, enough to be able to stick to their best choices on graduation.
The DTU attendees had many concerns related to issues such as how to impress recruiters during interviews, how to overcome the problems of their first career steps, and the skills required in addition to those beyond their own major needed to become employable. The Abbott representatives thoughtfully replied to each of the questions and the students gained a broader perspective on careers and personal development opportunities. The talk show motivated them to become more entrepreneurial and orientate their personal career goals, inspired by the real-time stories told by professionals with years of experience in many fields.
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