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SURF 2023: The Han River Aspiration: Unleashing Creativity at DTU

On September 29, the 2023 Startup & Innovation Festival (SURF) took place at DTU with the theme: “The Han River Aspiration: Unleashing Creativity”. The event was organized by the Danang Department of Science & Technology, in collaboration with DTU, government agencies and organizations, to support startup development and bring them all together, with the objective of transforming Danang into a regional and international center for startups & innovation.
SURF 2023: Khát v?ng Sông Hàn - Kh?i ngu?n Sáng t?o t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Mr. Pham Hong Quat, Head of the Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization
Development speaks at the SURF 2023 opening ceremony
SURF 2023 attendees included Mr. Pham Hong Quat, Head of the Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Development (Ministry of Science & Technology); Mr. Tran Chi Cuong, City Party Committee member and Vice-Chairman of the Danang People’s Committee; Mr. Le Duc Vien, Director of the Danang Department of Science & Technology and standing Vice Chairman of the municipal Coordination Council for the Business Start-up Network. Invited partners included Mr. Jonas Grunder, Deputy-Head of Cooperation at the Swiss embassy in Vietnam; Ms. Yeom Ji Yeon, Vice-Consul at the Korean Consulate General in Danang; Mr. Yang Shun Feng, acting Consul-General of China in Danang; and Mr. Phousavang Phommachack, Laotian Consul in Danang. From DTU came Meritorious Teacher and Hero of Labor Le Cong Co, Chairman of DTU, along with the Board of Directors, lecturers, and students. The presence of these important guests demonstrated the interest and support in the development of the startup community in Danang.
SURF 2023: Khát v?ng Sông Hàn - Kh?i ngu?n Sáng t?o t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Signing startup & innovation cooperation agreements with members of the city’s startup ecosystem
Mr. Tran Chi Cuong said: “Following the success of previous years, the theme of SURF 2023 is: ‘The Han River Aspiration: Unleashing Creativity’, with the motto: ‘Danang, City of Innovation. Through SURF 2023, Danang continues to bring together the various elements of the startup & innovation ecosystem and those from different provinces of Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands, as well as reaching out to domestic and international experts, investors, capitalists, and technologists in the development the city’s startup & innovation community.”
“In 2019, a government resolution was issued about development of Danang until 2030, with a vision to 2045, stating that the goal for 2030 was ‘to develop Danang into a leading socio-economic startup hub in Southeast Asia’. Further on, the 2045 vision was  ‘to become a large, ecologically friendly and smart city, a center for innovative startups, and one of the most livable coastal cities in Asia’. The Danang authorities have always worked hard to develop an innovative startup ecosystem in the city, and we hope that, soon, Danang will grow stronger, become a highly attractive destination to share resources with local and international startups to invest and develop.”
SURF 2023: Khát v?ng Sông Hàn - Kh?i ngu?n Sáng t?o t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The organizers award certificates to the ten best contestants 
Mr. Pham Hong Quat emphasized that: “In Vietnam, the startup ecosystem has been developing strongly which has recently led to many impressive results. For example, playing a central role in the ecosystem, innovative startups here have made major breakthroughs and undergone strong growth, contributing to socio-economic development. Initiatives, solutions, innovative projects, and several creative startups have further demonstrated Danang’s pioneering role in solving many local socio-economic problems.
Recently, Danang has taken appropriate action with positive results, shaping and developing its startup ecosystem, creating and promulgating policies on startups and on the technical infrastructure. These are important factors involving the city’s incubators, educational institutions, business promotion organizations, which have put Danang very firmly on the national startup map.
“Our success so far, and the determination of the city now demonstrates that Danang has many advantages and capabilities that can be leveraged in the development and promotion of startups. The Ministry of Science & Technology recognizes our efforts and hopes that the city will continue to promote innovative startups, in fields such as green agriculture, food technology and the maritime economy. The Ministry has requested that the city continues to support the existing ecosystem and strengthen relationships with other national and international partners, to proactively create and implement new policies and make proposals on how Danang can become the center of startup activities in Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands, as recommended in the 2019 resolution.”
One of the highlights of the Festival was the launch of the Danang-Seoul Innovation Space, a collaborative project between the Danang Department of Science & Technology and the Vietnam Innovation Network in Korea. This will enable Vietnamese and Korean companies and researchers to get together, share their experience and create new opportunities for economic development and innovative startups.
SURF 2023: Khát v?ng Sông Hàn - Kh?i ngu?n Sáng t?o t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
SURF 2023 welcomes honored guests from the startup community.
Certificates were awarded to the top ten SURF 2023 finalists, who presented their ideas and projects to the public and were recognized and supported by experts and investors. The following prizes were announced:
- First prize: to the Wetex project, a global fashion supply chain management platform, created by TEX Technology Solutions
- Second prize: to the “Firewall product”, by Acronics Solutions 
- Three Third prizes:
The FiveSS e-commerce platform project, by FiveSS Technology
The Forest Foods project, by Song Han Society SM
The Beekids project, by Dragold Technology Education
- Consolation prize: “Production of 3D printing plastic filaments from used plastic bottles (Green3D Print)” by DTU
Several innovative agreements were signed between the Danang Department of Science & Technology and members of the city’s startup community:
- The Institute of Science, Technology & Innovation will collaborate in implementing and developing a project for to assist Danang in becoming a City of Innovation, and a part of the global UNESCO Creative Cities Network
- The Vietnam Innovation Network in Korea will cooperate in the development of the Danang-Seoul startup ecosystem,
- The Danang Women’s Union will cooperate on finding technological solutions to support female entrepreneurs in Danang
SURF 2023 allowed startups and investors to meet each other and share ideas. With the efforts and commitment of appropriate parties, Danang is taking another important step in becoming a hub and regional leader in startup activities. Accordingly, the event marked an important milestone on this journey and established a strong foundation for the future sustainable development of the city.
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