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Workshop on “Comprehensive Technology Solutions in Modern Dentistry”

On October 5, Align Technology and DTU jointly held a workshop entitled: “Comprehensive Technology Solutions for Modern Dentistry”, in conjunction with the DTU Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology. Speakers included   leading dentistry experts and the event attracted doctors and dental technicians from medical centers in and around Danang.
iTero Vietnam Director Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Huong 
The two speakers were Doctor Nguyen Dinh Hung An, Clinical Manager at Parkway in HCMC, which was a Black Diamond Invisalign provider in 2021 and Blue Diamond in 2022; and Doctor Do Thanh An, a digital restoration expert and owner of Lumiere Premium Dental Care in HCMC, who both discussed and exchanged information on their latest techniques and experiences.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Huong, Director of iTero Vietnam and an Align Technology representative, said: “In April 2023, we visited DTU to install an iTero 5D device, and to instruct the staff and lecturers of the DTU College of Medicine & Pharmacy on its use. In continuation, we’re happy that this workshop has attracted so many dentistry organizations in Danang. Our two speakers today have pioneered the integration of digital technology in dentistry and participated at similar events to share their knowledge and experience. In the meantime they have been treating many restoration and orthodontics cases, both simple and complex. Today we hope to offer you a broader perspective on digitization using scanners at your clinics.”
Doctor Do Thanh An provides in-person step-by-step instructions for implant restoration
Doctor Nguyen Dinh Hung An talked about the advantages of dentists using convenient iTero scanners, with an interdisciplinary treatment approach, and the improved accuracy it provides. The iTero 5D is a tooth impression scanner with integrated AI technology, which can display a patient’s dental structure in detail and give an accurate description of the patient’s teeth and soft tissues. This then allows the dentist to make the best decisions on each specific issue and obviates the uncomfortable and time-consuming disadvantages of traditional methods of taking jaw impressions using silicon. 
Using a smart system, the jaw laser scanner produces multi-dimensional images of teeth, oral tissue, jaw structure, and bite. Of note, after scanning the tooth impression, parameters are stored in the iTero and can be transferred to a computer to accurately design orthodontic and restorative devices. In addition, the data can also be transferred to the Clincheck software system to simulate treatment and produce optimal results.
On the topic of  predicting restoration results, both simple and complex, using the iTero scanner,” Doctor Do Thanh An talked specifically about digital restoration and critical issues affecting the success of restorations. The accuracy of the iTero scanner makes the taking of tooth impressions and the recording of a bite convenient and easy, which is key. Doctor Thanh An gave a hands-on demonstration showing each of the steps, about the digital inlay, the crown, the veneer and scanning skills during implant restoration. This gave the attendees a much better understanding of the practical application of advanced technology in dentistry and contributed to the improvement in the local efficiency and quality of oral treatment in community health care.
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