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"Light - Quick - Easy Endodontics" Workshop

On February 27, the DTU Faculty of Dentistry, the DTU Medical Simulation Practice Center and Mani Medical Vietnam, jointly held a workshop entitled: "Light - Quick - Easy Endodontics", which facilitated DTU YDR K24 students to access the latest knowledge and skills in the field of Endodontics.
Dr. Dinh Vu Hieu shared useful information about Endodontics with DTU K24 YDR students 
The workshop was conducted under the instruction and guidance of Specialist Doctor Dinh Vu Hieu, a leading expert in the field of Micro-Endodontics and Regenerative Endodontics. Dr. Dinh Vu Hieu is also a member of the Malaysian Endodontic Society and the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation, ensuring that the knowledge and techniques shared with the students at the workshop meet international standards.
The K24 YDR students answered questions in hypothetical diagnostic scenarios 
Specialist Doctor Dinh Vu Hieu provided a wealth of useful information on important issues in Endodontics. Firstly, he discussed the process of diagnosis and treatment planning in Endodontics. Students were guided on how to assess the health status of patients, identify endodontic problems, and plan appropriate treatment. Then, Dr. Dinh Vu Hieu focused on introducing techniques for preparing a quick and efficient root canal procedure. He shared about the approaches to prepare a root canal, including the use of the Jizai. Students were instructed on how to use this tool to remove debris and create a clean, optimal canal pathway for treatment.
Irrigation of the root canal is a crucial factor determining the success of Endodontic treatment, and the K24 YDR students have grasped the method and modern technology to efficiently irrigate the root canal. At the same time, Dr. Dinh Vu Hieu shared his experience and knowledge about deciding on root canal filling. He explained about modern filling materials and the method of applying them accurately.
The K24 YDR students practiced Endodontic techniques on 3D dental models
Specifically, Dr. Dinh Vu Hieu directly guided the DTU K24 YDR students in practicing techniques on 3D dental models. The students experienced root canal preparation with the Jizai endodontic file, root canal irrigation, and hybrid method canal filling. This allowed the students to apply the techniques and knowledge they had learned to real-life scenarios, thereby enhancing their diagnostic and treatment abilities in Endodontics.
Student Ton Nu Gia Han said: “Today's program was really beneficial for students of Dentistry because Endodontics is one of the specialties in Dentistry that every dentist will encounter in real patient treatment after graduating. The program provided me the very opportunity to update the latest knowledge and skills, as well as to learn from an expert in Endodontics. Additionally, through the workshop, I had the chance to experience some modern equipment like the Woodpecker AI Yoshi endodontic motor and the Woodpecker Fi-P and Fi-E hot vertical compaction systems.”
Through the "Light - Quick - Easy" Endodontics workshop, the DTU K24 YDR students were introduced to advanced techniques and the latest trends in the field of Endodontics. In the future, DTU will continue to collaborate with many reputable individuals and organizations in the field of Dentistry to hold more meaningful activities aimed at creating learning opportunities and facilitating the exchange of experience for students, while also contributing to the development and enhancement of the quality of the Endodontics sector in Vietnam.
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