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The DTU Technology-Engineering Program Offers Numerous Opportunities for International Study and Research

As the most diverse faculty of DTU, the year 2023 was a remarkable one for the School of Engineering & Technology (SET) as all its departments made distinctive marks.
Among them, the Architecture-Construction sector of DTU ranked in the Top 201-230 globally according to the QS World Rankings by Subjects 2023. DTU's Construction students also won the IDEERS Asia-Pacific Competition, while even undergraduate students in the Biotechnology Engineering field had a Q1 journal publication.
The efforts of the faculty and students at SET have made it a cornerstone for creating new breakthroughs, providing the best learning opportunities for students interested in these sectors.
Kh?i ngành Công ngh?-K? thu?t ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i nhi?u co h?i h?c t?p và nghiên c?u Qu?c t?
DTU School of Engineering & Technology (SET) graduates receive their diplomas
Architecture, Construction, and Environment sectors boast a 100% employment rate and are ranked in the Top 200+ globally
In the QS World Rankings by Subjects 2023, DTU achieved international rankings in several fields for the first time. Among them, Architecture and Construction ranked in the Top 201-230. This underscores the efforts to enhance training quality and establish standard facilities in each field to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation alongside practical skills.
Kh?i ngành Công ngh?-K? thu?t ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i nhi?u co h?i h?c t?p và nghiên c?u Qu?c t?
Currently, DTU offers specific programs in the Architecture and Construction sector, including:
Civil Engineering with specializations in:
- Civil and Industrial Construction,
- Bridge and Road Construction,
- Civil and Industrial Construction under CSU standard (Advanced Program)
Construction Engineering Technology with a specialization in:
- Construction Management
Architecture with specializations in:
- Architectural Engineering,
- Architectural Engineering under CSU standard (Advanced Program)
Interior Architecture with a specialization in:
- Interior Design
- Graphic Design
Fashion Design
Students in these programs benefit from the collaborative efforts of DTU with many domestic and international universities. Special mention goes to the collaboration and implementation of training programs with:
- California State University, Fullerton: One of the top public universities on the West Coast of the United States for Construction,
- Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo: Ranked in the Top 5 in the U.S. for Architecture at the undergraduate level.
These collaborations introduce the first Advanced Programs in Architecture and Construction in Da Nang and Central Vietnam.
Students studying Construction, Architecture, and Environment at DTU can rest assured as 100% of graduates in recent years have secured employment immediately after graduation.
In particular, for the past nine years (since 2014), DTU's Construction and Architecture students have once again won the IDEERS Competition - Asia-Pacific Earthquake Engineering Design Competition. This prestigious competition in Asia has participants from leading universities across the continent such as Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (China), Pusan National University (South Korea), National Taiwan University (China), Pukyong National University (South Korea), etc.
Kh?i ngành Công ngh?-K? thu?t ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i nhi?u co h?i h?c t?p và nghiên c?u Qu?c t?
The DTU team won the Championship Cup and the SET-DTU team won the Third Prize in the competition.
Kh?i ngành Công ngh?-K? thu?t ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i nhi?u co h?i h?c t?p và nghiên c?u Qu?c t?
DTU students design and compete in earthquake-resistant house models.
For the Environmental sector, the combination of teaching and involving students in scientific research activities from the early years has provided students with valuable experience in addressing current environmental issues. Specific activities include Waste Management, Textile Wastewater Treatment, Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment, Evaluation of Marine Environment Quality after the Formosa Incident, and more recently, research and consultation for Da Nang city on urgent issues such as landslides, beach erosion, groundwater salinization, and water resources during dry seasons.
Studying Automotive Engineering with state-of-the-art labs worth nearly 20 billion VND
Students in Automotive Engineering will experience Safe Driving or practice on training equipment for traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles and modern electric vehicles.
Kh?i ngành Công ngh?-K? thu?t ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i nhi?u co h?i h?c t?p và nghiên c?u Qu?c t?
The Automotive practice workshop is always open for students to study
The Automotive Engineering Practice Workshop comprises 5 lab rooms:
- Automotive Engine Room,
- Automotive Mechanical Room,
- Automotive Frame Room,
- Automotive Electrical Room,
- Modern Automotive Lab & Technology
An investment of nearly 20 billion VND in equipment from South Korea, Germany, and Japan, makes it a highlight in Automotive Engineering education at DTU. From here, Duy Tan students will have the opportunity to secure good positions at major automobile manufacturing plants such as Thaco Truong Hai, VinFast, or automobile showrooms, etc.
Accompanying the Automotive Engineering sector are various fields in Electrical-Electronics, including:
1. Electrical-Electronic Engineering Technology (ABET accredited) with specializations in:
- Automatic Control,
- Telecommunications Electronics,
- Electrical-Electronics under PNU standard (Advanced Program, in collaboration with Purdue University, USA),
- Semiconductor Circuit Design
2. Mechanical Engineering Technology is a traditional field of Mechanical Engineering.
3. Control Engineering & Automation with specializations in:
- Control Engineering and Automation,
- Electromechanics under PNU standard (Advanced Program, in collaboration with Purdue University, USA).
4. Electrical Engineering
The Electrical-Electronics Engineering departments of DTU cooperate with Purdue University, USA, and have been accredited by ABET - the "gold" standard for Science and Engineering Education in the United States since late August 2020 with the highest accreditation level of 6 years, bringing about certain effectiveness in training.
Biotechnology Engineering students with outstanding Q1 journal publications in the lecture hall
Successfully implementing the project "Application of ITS Molecular Markers in Identifying Species of Fungi on Cordyceps militaris," students Le Nguyen Gia Thi and their research team from the Biotechnology Engineering field, Duy Tan University, published a Q1 paper with an IF index of 4.6 in the prestigious international journal Scientific Reports (part of the Nature Portfolio). The project also won the "Outstanding Poster Presentation" award at the 5th National Mycology Conference held in Hanoi on November 26, 2023.
Kh?i ngành Công ngh?-K? thu?t ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i nhi?u co h?i h?c t?p và nghiên c?u Qu?c t?
Gia Thi's paper in Scientific Reports (Q1, IF=4.6) from the Nature Portfolio along
with the "Outstanding Poster Presentation" award at the 5th National Mycology Conference
Not only Gia Thi but all Biotechnology Engineering students at the university have very favorable conditions for studying and conducting scientific research in the modern laboratories of DTU. They also participate in conferences, seminars, both domestically and internationally, to exchange experiences and collaborate with research groups in related fields. Students are directly taught and guided by experienced lecturers who have graduated from prestigious universities worldwide. Among them is Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trung - the instructor of Gia Thi and also the author of the model "Household Scale Cordyceps militaris Cultivation Cabinet" - who won the First Prize in the Start-up Innovation Competition in Da Nang (SURF) in 2022.
Food Technology students design, package, and bring products to market
Recognized as a versatile and talented generation, Food Technology students at DTU have directly improved existing products or created new ones to diversify the agricultural and food product structure of many localities. Moreover, they directly engage in designing and packaging to create products that are not only beautiful but also benefit the community.
"Made in DTU student" products are available on the market.
Representative products:
- Coffee jam won the Second Prize (no First Prize) in the national competition "Post-Harvest Processing Technology" in 2022 and the Second Prize in the "Creative Products of Da Nang City" competition in 2022;
- The project "Research on the Harvest Time of Sweet Mustard Sprouts" won the Second Prize at the 6th Scientific Workshop "Food Safety and Food Security" in 2022;
- Cherry Lady tea, a natural herbal remedy for menstrual pain, won the Encouragement Prize in the "Post-Harvest Processing Technology" competition in 2021;
Alongside many ongoing research products such as:
- Coffee peel tea in Vietnam,
- Goryeo Ginseng tea bags,
- Goryeo Ginseng bottled water chain,
- Edible film made from Polysaccharide found in algae,
- Jelly made from Hericium erinaceus mushrooms,
- Hericium erinaceus mushroom snacks,
For more information on admissions, please visit: http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn, http://set.duytan.edu.vn
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