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DTU Students of Architecture Network and Create with Tropiceering Vietnam Exhibition

The DTU Faculty of Architecture and the University of Hawai?i jointly organized a unique exhibition called Tropiceering Vietnam at the lobby of DTU building G on January 3.
The exhibition showcased various research works and designs in architecture by professors, architects, and students from the University of Hawai?i, with projects featuring design models by DTU students of Architecture as a special highlight. For their architecture projects, the DTU students were guided by Dr Tran Gia Viet My, a lecturer from the University of Hawai?i, US.
Spreading modern tropiceering architecture in the tropics
After years of research, Prof. Arch. David Rockwood from the University of Hawai?i chose the term “tropiceering” to describe modern architectural designs adapted to the vibrant pace of life and the climate, culture, and art in tropical regions. Following collaboration with Prof. Arch. Bundit Kanisthakhon, the two of them organized an exhibition on tropiceering at the Haigo & Irene Shen Architecture Gallery at the University of Hawai?i in 2021, which received many positive reviews from the architectural community both locally and globally.
Sinh viên ki?n trúc ÐH Duy Tân k?t n?i và sáng t?o cùng tri?n lãm ‘Tropiceering Vietnam’
Dr Tran Gia Viet My (front row, second from right),
Prof. Arch. Bundit Kanisthakhon (front row, third from right), and DTU lecturers and students with a 1:1 scale model
From there, the spirit of tropiceering architectural design spread widely to Thailand and Vietnam, while starting to enjoy special attention in other tropical countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The purpose of architecture in the spirit of tropiceering is to provide design solutions appropriate to tropical climates, making the living and working environment of local people as convenient as possible.
Tropiceering Vietnam, organized at DTU, created an exciting atmosphere in an exhibition space featuring a diversity of models, drawings, and unique architectural projects designed for the terrain, climate, and environment of the tropics and especially of Danang. A 1:1-scale design and construction model by second-year DTU students of Architecture was the highlight of the exhibition and was highly appreciated by the professors and other guests from the University of Hawai?i.
All the projects displayed at the exhibition had to meet course requirements and also the criteria set by Prof. Arch. Bundit Kanisthakhon, who directly manages the quality standards of tropiceering. This concerns:
? the deployment of materials, structures, architectural styles, etc.
? the arrangement of space and architectural functions to suit the local climate
? creativity in the way spaces are connected and distributed.
“Architectural design and construction are very challenging subjects, and very few schools in the world manage to optimally implement them in their curriculum,” Prof. Arch. Bundit stated at the exhibition “Therefore, the designs created by DTU students are truly wonderful. I highly commend them, and you should be proud of what you created.”
Sinh viên ki?n trúc ÐH Duy Tân k?t n?i và sáng t?o cùng tri?n lãm ‘Tropiceering Vietnam’
Sinh viên ki?n trúc ÐH Duy Tân k?t n?i và sáng t?o cùng tri?n lãm ‘Tropiceering Vietnam’
Sinh viên ki?n trúc ÐH Duy Tân k?t n?i và sáng t?o cùng tri?n lãm ‘Tropiceering Vietnam’
University of Hawai?i lecturer Dr Tran Gia Viet My commenting on projects by DTU students of Architecture
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