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An Academic Exchange program with Dong-A University in South Korea

From January 29 to 31, lectures, students, and researchers from the DTU School of Hospitality & Tourism and the Department of Tourism Management at Dong-A University in South Korea participated in a 3 - day academic exchange program. This program created opportunities for faculty and students from both institutions to interact, share knowledge, and explore potential collaborations in the field of tourism.
Dr. Le Nguyen Tue Hang presents gifts to Dong-A University representatives 
Dr. Le Nguyen Tue Hang, DTU Vice - Provost, said: "Dong-A University and DTU have established a strong partnership over the years, and the Academic Exchange Program is part of a series of interactive and collaborative activities between the two institutions. One notable aspect of the partnership is that the Hero of Labor, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Dong-A University. Therefore, welcoming Dong-A University delegation feels like welcoming my own family members. I hope that during the exchange when faculty and students from both universities work together, they will achieve positive outcomes. At the same time, I also hope that this academic exchange program will open up more opportunities for academic and research collaborations between the two entities."
Attendees pose for a photo
Undergraduate and postgraduate students from both institutions were divided into several small groups to discuss various academic issues related to tourism. Under the guidance of DTU and Dong-A University faculty member, the teams worked hard to research and present their projects. The research projects included:
- The travel behavior of Korean tourists,
- The application of Augmented Reality (AR) technology at Da Nang destinations, and
- Studies on street food.
Subsequently, Dong-A University and DTU lecturers evaluated and selected the most outstanding project teams to continue their research in the future. This indicates that the Academic Exchange Program contributed to creating a beneficial academic environment, encouraging creativity and research development in the field of tourism.
Additionally, within the framework of the Academic Exchange Program, there was a notable participation by Ms. Le Thi Ai Diep, Head of the Accommodation Management Office of the Da Nang Tourism Department. In her presentation on "Sustainable Tourism in Da Nang," Ms. Ai Diep provided an overview of sustainable tourism in Da Nang, sustainable tourism development solutions post-COVID-19, lessons learned for sustainable tourism development in the city, as well as proposals for future improvements and cooperation.
The Academic Exchange Program between DTU and Dong-A University created a forum for faculty and students from both institutions to interact, exchange ideas, and share knowledge. This not only helped to broaden the knowledge and understanding of both institutions but also promoted the development of a close partnership between the two universities, and contributing to the sustainability of the collaboration between Vietnam and South Korea.
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